Saturday, January 21, 2012


Along comes the only true "shovel ready" project in the last 3 years, and Obama kills it!

  Of course Obama doesn't just kill the Keystone Project, along with it's demise goes an estimated 23,000 American jobs, and the opportunity to purchase oil from a country that isn't bent on our destruction, at least not yet.  Obama's veto of the Keystone Pipeline project is just another example of how our President continues to slap the faces of our friends and kiss the butts of our enemies.  There must be more people that can see this pattern of self destruction, in Obama's policies concerning energy, the economy and last but not least our nations security. 
  One thing for sure, America won't have to worry about closing the border between us and Canada, Canada may take that task on it's own.  Perhaps, the next time Canada spends millions on research & development and commits to years of planning, they won't include the United States as a partner in their plans for prosperity, they'll just go directly to countries along the Pacific Rim and of course China.  I mean, why not?  China seems to be the preferred location for American companies to send American jobs, American money, and our administration's loyalty.  I see no reason why Canada shouldn't send their oil there.  After Obama phoned Stephen Harper, Canada's Prime Minister, to explain that he vetoed the project without prejudice.  Mr. Harper expressed his profound disappointment, and reiterated to Obama that "Canada will continue to work to diversify it's energy exports."  We all know what diversify means, right?  It means the oil that could be aiding the US in relieving it's dependency on Middle-East oil, is no longer within our grasp, and Canada will be seeking to market their energy over seas, basically to Asia.  I guess we Americans can just tap our own energy resources, right?  Wrong, Obama doesn't want that to happen either.  So, just exactly where does this administration stand on helping to create jobs?  Obama's obvious penchant for "Green jobs" isn't proving to be very lucrative, at least not for the taxpayer.  Certainly Obama's cronies in the "Green Jobs" sector have no problem stealing tax-payer money.  Then again, if Obama is giving it away, it's not really stealing, is it?  It's amazing, no matter where you start tracing thievery of government tax money, the name "Obama" always shows up at the end of the trail! 
  Let's be realistic, if the Governor of Nebraska has misgivings as to the location of this pipeline, why didn't he just take the initiative months ago to input some thought on relocating the line itself out of his state?  It can't possibly be that the entire pipeline project just started a few weeks ago, can it?  I didn't think so.  I mean really, some Canadian and some American oil men weren't sitting around a table smoking big stogies last month, brainstorming ways to pollute Nebraska's water, were they?  No!  Plans had to be made, maps drawn, environmental impact reports filed, none of this Keystone Pipeline project was a spur of the moment idea, was it?
  Here is the bottom line.  Obama has his agenda, and his agenda is not in the best interest of the sovereign United States of America.  His agenda is to dismantle America and rebuild it, as Obama himself put it, "fundamentally transform America".  Into what?  Into a mediocre nanny state where all people are totally dependent on it's government for every sustenance.  That's right Obama wants us to become like Greece.  I'm sure you see how well the folks in Greece have it, right?  I for one, can hardly wait, NOT! 
  It should be more than apparent to the people of America that Barack Obama and his D.C. minions are not interested in any project where the American people will benefit.  Independent Americans with their own money and freedom and liberty are not in Obama's master plan.  Even liberals should be able to see that by now.  Congress, should at this very moment be voting to override Obama's Veto on everything he has chosen to veto.  They aren't doing that though, are they?  No, they are not.  Progressives (Communists) have infiltrated much of Congress.  I'm sorry to say,  both sides of the aisle have enough traitors to back Obama, without the American people realizing it.  As I have said before, if this were the Continental Congress of our founders, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Frank and a host of other Congressional subversives, would have already been tried, found guilty through a preponderance of evidence on charges of treason, and put in shackles by now.  Unfortunately, the reason Obama is getting away with his "fundamental transformation" is because he has many allies in Congress and the Courts.
  If in fact we actually have a free and fair election in 2012, it is imperative that all the Obama supporters be ousted from the House and the Senate.  Simply switching Presidents will not be enough to bring this country around.  America is not unlike that cruise ship off the coast of Tuscany, Italy and Obama is not unlike the Captain of that sinking vessel.  Both of them have taken their charge on a course of certain destruction.  Obama, this nation, and the Captain, his ship.  America is experiencing a serious listing to the far left, and America needs to be righted and placed on a course to save her from sinking.  It's too late for the cruise ship, she's been run aground by her Captain.  As passengers and crew on this, the "USS American Freedom", we must do all we can to keep our nation from being run aground.  A cruise ship had life boats, a cruise ship is equipped with life jackets.  America has none of these, Obama has cut loose the life boats and thrown the life jackets overboard.  When America sinks, we're all going down with this ship.  Of course our Captain Obama will survive as he steps across the backs of the people to dry land.  Our final chance to steer America back to the right course will be election 2012.  If Obama should be victorious and gain another four years at the helm...  Then you can be assured that America's final course will be laid in, and the rudder broken beyond repair.  Our direction will be permanently plotted, without a rudder there will be no chance to turn.  We will no longer be the "USS American Freedom", we will be forever remembered as the USS Ship of Fools.
God Help Us
The Watchman

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