Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Adrian Peterson, you whining spoiled brat!!! Have you no shame? Have you no honor? Are you so disconnected from the average American football fan, that you should dare compare your life to that of a modern day slave? In the first 3 months of the 2011 NFL season, Adrian Peterson will have been payed more money than the average football fan will be able to earn in a lifetime. That's right, in the upcoming 2011 season, Adrian Peterson's earnings will be 10.72 million dollars, just in case that doesn't startle you look at it this way" $10,720,000.00. Believe me Mr. Peterson, you pathetic ego maniac, there isn't one slave in any country that wouldn't trade paychecks with you.

The world is on fire, hundreds of thousands of Japanese people are facing and coping with the results of a natural disaster of Biblical proportions, and American professional athletes are crying because they will only be earning tens of millions of dollars, this next year. What a class act from the NFL players. The gall for a professional football player to say: "Without the players, there is no football"!!! Is that right? Well I've got news for you prima-donna football players, without the average fan that is scrapping by earning an average of $40,000.00 a year, there would be NO football. That would put you so-called modern day slaves in quite the pickle, wouldn't it? You might actually have to get a real job. Let me ask, just how much of that college education were you able to retain? I'm thinking that most of you complaining thugs, (not all), that were given a pass through the higher education system because of your athletic abilities, would in fact have a tough time forming a complete sentence, or filling out an employment application. Just what is it you want to collectively bargain for anyway? Is there health care out there that you can't afford? Is your family going to starve if you don't earn 20 million dollars a year instead of 10 million? What is it exactly? After some rather exhaustive research, I came up with a few figures which will certainly add to the sympathy for NFL players and their "modern day slavery" situation. The lowest average pay for a player came in at a paltry 1.4 million dollars a year. That just makes me so very sad. Just for kicks, let's see what other complaining footballers have to gripe about. Peyton Manning earns an average football salary of (are you sitting down) $30,800,000.00, that's 30.8 million dollars a year, (that doesn't include his several millions from commercials.) Poor unfortunate Tom Brady has also joined in the whining brigade because he only enjoys a base salary of $21,000,000.00, that's 21 million dollars a year. I am sure that Drew Brees is also in the top 10% of NFL wage earners. The point I'm making is this, anyone who manages to earn yearly salaries upwards of a million dollars, has no legitimate reason to complain, and they certainly aren't even remotely akin to a modern day slave. Oh, I know that professional football players only have a limited amount of time to earn their lifetime salaries, due to the great physical strains placed upon their bodies. Blah, blah, blah, sorry, no excuse there, at least not in my book.

It's time for professional athletes from all sports to look themselves in the mirror, and instead of seeing a super star, they need to see the human being that God has blessed with physical talents, and even more so, the amount of good breaks and opportunities that are responsible for where and who they are today. Take a lesson from those who haven't been as fortunate.

"Thou shalt not steal." "Thou shalt not covet."
Good words to take to heart mister Adrian Peterson.
God Bless The People Of Japan
The Watchman

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