Thursday, March 17, 2011


Obama, is he indecisive? I don't think so! Saying President Obama is being indecisive while the world burns, is the same pass he gets when the media says: "He just lacks experience". Obama has all the experience he needs to carry out his agenda, and all the chaos that exists in America and the world is music to his ears.

Egypt's Mubarak goes down and the Muslim Brotherhood is on the rise, Saudi Arabia is under the gun, along with Bahrain. Yemen is in total disarray and Libya's Gaddafi is putting the killing blows on the rebels in his country. Obama is throwing all the regimes he apologised to last year under the bus. America's economy is two feet away from the tank of the eternally lost, and the dollar is taking a big hit because of what Geithner said "slipped out", that wasn't a slip of the tongue at all. He said that America is very much interested in establishing a One World Currency. He was just adding more fuel this nations chaotic financial system. It's part of the Progressive Obama plan.

Japan, our biggest and most trusted ally in Asia is going through a three time barrage of disasters that equal Biblical proportions. First the 9.0 earthquake, then a 35ft tall tsunami wave devastates half the island of Japan, and if that wasn't enough, the Japanese people are dealing with what could possibly become the nuclear disaster of the 21st century. Two, perhaps three nuclear core melt downs. Needless to say, the Japanese are in dire straights. Facing the possibility of food and clean water shortages, not to mention housing and shelter for the displaced hundreds of thousands of men, women and children. God help them.
However, in the Obama White House, all is well. The president is able to party like he was a Kennedy, golf without missing a stroke, and pick his winners for the Final Four in college basketball. Cool, calm and collected is about all you can say about this guy. One would think that any sane president would be pulling his hair out right now. Decisions have to be made, and they should be the most difficult decisions of this man's presidency, but his he worried? No, he is not. Why? Because chaos was this man's goal, and chaos is what most of the world is in right now, but not Barack Hussein Obama, no sirree not Barack Hussein Obama.
The media can give him a pass if they want to, the congress can try to understand what he is or isn't doing, and Obama's worshippers can continue to be led down the Socialist/Progressive path, but as for me, I'm not fooled at all, not one little bit. Most of you who keep up with my Blog know, although you may not want to admit it, but Barack Obama's agenda is to fundamentally change America, and that is what he is doing. He is fully sound of mind and body, and he is fully capable of carrying out his plan, and well.....America, we're allowing it to happen. No, I don't know how to stop him, obviously the congress can't stop him, the Supreme Court can't stop him, so who can stop him? My guess is only We The People, and only with the help of God.
Sustainable communities, political correctness, hate speech, bailouts, global warming, Obama Care, Cap & Trade, energy crisis, no oil, no drilling, no solutions, gun control. These are all Obama instigated games and they are all leading to one thing. Control, control, control.
Make no mistake, Obama can rest easy as his plans are being carried out to the letter. World populations are doing without needed grain, because America is burning their food so that we might have fuel for our cars. It doesn't make sense, ethanol is not even a feasible alternative to petroleum, but America is under orders to do it anyway. Where are the pioneering men and women who weren't afraid to take a stand against evil? Where are the farmers that say, we don't want subsidies to grow corn for fuel? We can't in good conscience watch thousands of people starve because the food we used to supply to the world is no-longer there! Where are the farmers who refuse to take those 30 pieces of silver, to betray the hungry? Where are the patriotic American citizens, the ones that know right from wrong, good from evil and will stand against the evil regardless of sacrifice?
Just because there is no honesty and integrity left in Washington, D.C., doesn't mean the rest of America has to follow suit.
We will all have to answer for our actions, and our failures to act. What will our answer be when God asks us: "What have you done for your fellow man"?
Read Psalm37:9
God Help Us
"The Watchman"

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