Monday, October 17, 2011


The systematic destruction of America's economy

  I have been observing the Occupy Wall street protests, and I see the media interviewing the participants.  What I don't see, are the Occupy leaders, I only see the followers.  The conclusion is many of the followers have no true idea what they are protesting, why they are protesting, and almost none of them know who the organizers and leaders are.  I find that troubling and worse yet, dangerous, very dangerous. 
  It's not to say there are no leaders of this now global movement, because there are leaders and organizers and they are back by a lot of big money Marxists.  For example this movement already has their own full color newspaper called the Occupy Wall Street Journal.  If you have any inkling of the amount of capital it takes to actually print and publish a full size color newspaper, then you'll realize that it requires a ton of dough.  In a few interviews, I actually found myself agreeing with what some of the protesters had to say.  They are against the Wall Street and Bank bailouts, and against the big corporate bailouts.  That sounds familiar, because those are exactly what the TEA Party was and is against.  Wait a minute, could it be that many of these people actually relate to what the TEA Party is all about?  No, not really, but the similar rhetoric helps these Occupy protesters bring about some although misguided, mutual understanding.  The organizers of this Occupy movement have had many years to work things out, and I honestly believe they've done it.  Most of the protesters on Wall Street, and around the country are in the age group of Socially indoctrinated people.  They have been taught from kindergarten through college that America and capitalism is bad.  That is why they believe wholeheartedly in their cause.  I am concerned that this time, there are enough misguided Marxist/Socialists in the world, that common sense will not win out in this struggle. 
  This movement, is not some kind of grassroots movement like the TEA Party, this Occupy movement is extremely well orchestrated and organized.  There are several well established Marxist, Socialist and Communist organizations fueling this revolution.  Make no mistake, this is just the beginning of a revolution, not only in America, but around the globe.  Entitlements have been so prevalent for so long, that the population considers them as rights.  No longer are the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness enough.  This revolution is being instigated with the idea that the wealthy must be forced to share their wealth with those who are less fortunate, not necessarily poor, but less fortunate.  In America, our example is this 50% of the population pay taxes, and 50% do not.  Those who do not have been convinced and indoctrinated to think that they are entitled to free rides from the 50% of responsible citizens.  The sad thing about Liberal/Socialism, Marxism and even Communism, is the fact that those teaching about it, never ever teach the down side.  For example:  If everyone wants a free ride from the government, then who pays for it?  That is a question that is ignored in the Socialist agenda classrooms. 
  In a recent Washington Post article it reports that Barack Obama will be using the current anti-capitalist fervor that is gripping the nation, to bolster his campaign for re-election in 2012.  According to Obama's strategists, this entire anti-Wall Street phenomenon will be blamed on the Republicans from the Bush administration.  As usual, there will be no mention that both houses of Congress were under Democrat control, and by a rather large majority.  The one most important thing that the media is missing, is the fact that not only does Obama know the organizers of this anti-capitalist/anti-Wall Street movement, but that he was and is instrumental in it's inception.  I was Obama's goal, right from the onset to destroy America's Constitution and the capitalism that made it great.  With the use of his Muslim friends, and Communist friends, he has managed to sow the seeds of discontent from the White House lawn.  Purporting to be a unifier, he has caused more divisiveness than during the Civil War.  He has managed to turn the classes against each other with the skill of a brain surgeon.  Most people never saw it coming, and many do not recognize it today.  In order for Obama and those who are with him to destroy this nation, he first had to make sure the the seeds of discontent took root in all aspects of American society.  Marxism is an equal opportunity destroyer.  It is time to come to the realization that not all people who are jobless today, are blue collar.  From statistics, it is safe to say that an equal number of white and blue collars are now among the ranks of the unemployed.  It was necessary for Obama to be sure that no working class was exempt from his attack on the capitalist system.
  It was the corrupt spending practices of the Obama administration that has frosted this anti-capitalist cake.  The dishonest, deceiving and manipulating treacherous policies of the Obama administration are sure to bring about the collapse of the the American economy.  Then and only then can Obama, Soros, and other minions bring about the new One World Order.  As you now know, Obama is on another bus campaign trip pushing his so-called jobs bill.  Obama is in the process of building his army of malcontents.  I can remember Obama did say once a year or so ago, that he and his Progressives will need to build an army that is just as powerful, and just as well funded as the American military.  An army that his administration will use to intimidate Americans that don't see things the Progressive way.  
"For false Christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect."
God Help Us
The Watchman

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  1. Has anyone heard of a “Guns and Religion” counter-revolutionary movement - or perhaps “Guns and Bibles?


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