Saturday, October 22, 2011


"If this man ever had a thought, it would be the loneliest thing on the planet"

Joe Biden:  aka: Joe (the Dolt of D.C.), (the Buffoon of the Beltway), (Washington's Village Idiot)and last but in no way least, the Vice President of the United States.
  All to often, I allow passes to those politicians I deem irrelevant.  However, Joe Biden is just too pathetic to pass up.  Whether he is talking about cutting the funding for police and fire fighters or speaking to 4th graders about cutting teachers from classrooms because the Republicans won't pass a the President's beast of a Jobs Bill.  One thing you can count on, Joe Biden will either, step in "it", or put his foot in his mouth, or both as he did this past week.  Most frightening is the fact that he is second in line to take over as President if something should happen to Obama.  Joe Biden the "White House gaffe man", is no more suited to assume Presidential duties, than Alf the puppet character.  Amazingly, when Biden does step in it, he doesn't even realize his shoes are soiled.  He just continues walking through the fabric of America stinking up the whole face and never losing that dumb grin he's so famous for.  I wonder if it ever occurred to Joe that while attempting to explain the Obama Jobs Bill to fourth graders, that he was for all intensive purposes intellectually out-gunned in that classroom.  All kidding aside, Joe Biden is the perfect straight man for Barack Obama.  It's like watching Thom and Dickie Smothers all over again.  At least the Smother's Brothers were just acting, unfortunately for America, the Obama/Biden act is the real thing.  Barack Obama lies to the people, and Biden backs him up with stupid off the wall statements that leave even the 4th graders cringing and spinning their heads.  I know, I know I said all kidding aside, I meant it, I'm not kidding,  The White House's "Pathetic Duo", are in fact not animated, they're real.
  Okay, I had to get those insults that were building in my mind off my chest, I beg your indulgence, mea culpa, mea culpa!
  The real reason for today's Blog article is to point out the pointless and idiotic Jobs Bill, and the implementation there of.
  Let me run this one by you:  You are running short of money in your household monthly budget.  You have either been laid off, or had to take a cut in pay for whatever reason.  Your monthly bills remain the same; you have two car payments as both you and your wife need transport to and from work.  You have your house payment, your heat and other utility bills, you have groceries to buy, after all your family of four must eat.  You have the cell-phone bill for all four phones, the boat needs repairs, you take the family out for supper three times a week, and there's that weekly movie for the family.  Now, you know in your heart of hearts, that something has to be cut from your family expenses, what do you cut?  Do you cut the grocery bill?  Do you cut the utility and heat bill?  I've got it, you stop paying the mortgage, as that's your largest monthly payment, no?  Okay, then you stop making car payments, right?  Of course not, none of the above are correct, especially if you and your wife are responsible adults with some sense of personal responsibility.  The obvious answers are:  cut the cell phones down to two, forget the boat repairs, dining out will have to be cut to once a month, and the weekly movie must now become the monthly movie.  That is what reasonable, responsible families must do in economies like this one.  My point, why is it that families can and do cut the money that is wasted each month, but the local, state and federal governments, who are in dire financial straights begin cutting their budgets, by cutting the necessities and not the waste.  Why would any responsible party put police, fire and educators on the chopping block first?  It doesn't make any sense, none at all.  There isn't one official in government, local, state or federal, that can actually look the people in the eye and state that all other government fat and waste has already been cut.  We all know that this is true, so why do "We the People" continue to fall for the lame government excuses, and fall for the threat that public necessities are the only place that budget cuts must be made?  Because we are used to being lied to, that's why.  It's time "We the People" put a halt to being cultivated like mushrooms.  The elected keep us in the dark, and feed us manure, and we just sit there, docile and obedient.  In every community, local or statewide there is plenty of pork, and some politician is wallowing in it.  Take your community back, research the cuts your state and locals say must be done away with in order to have a balanced budget.  Believe me, without a shadow of doubt, there is grievous amounts of waste in every level of government, you can find it, and point it out.  When Americans are forced to cut home budgets, they don't keep the pork, and they don't throw the baby out with the bath water.  
God Help Us
The Watchman 

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