Friday, October 14, 2011


  Are you a little nervous when standing in the security checkpoint line at the airport?  Do you experience just a touch of self consciousness waiting your turn to pass through the body scanner?  There you are standing in your stocking feet, everything of value, keys, notebooks, cell phone, all of them in a big plastic tub on a conveyor belt slowly entering the bag scanner, in a fit of panic, just before your tub goes in, you feel change in your pocket, you reach down pull the change out so fast the your pocket turn inside out, you begin to perspire, your breathing becomes rapid, and you just keep asking yourself, did I remove my 10oz. bottle of cough syrup and replace it with the 8oz. bottle for air travel.  You just know that the TSA agent is going to make you go through the body scanner again and again, after all you have several surgical screws in your knee.  Oh no, are they going make me submit to a pat-down, or make stand in front of that big screen,  hey, I've got nothing to hide, what am I worried about?  Well, guess what?  You've got plenty to worry about.  You see all that anxiety you've been experiencing while standing in the security line, you think it's all in your head, and it's privy to just you.  I've got news for you, you could be under even more scrutiny than you've ever imagined.  No, not in America?!? Yes, oh yes in America.
  Have you ever heard of F.A.S.T.?  The initials stand for "Future Attribute Screening Technology".  While you were thinking to yourself....., your very thought processes may have been screened.  The Department of Homeland Security is using, or soon will be using F.A.S.T. to record and collect your heart beat, the amount of times you blink, and your body heat, just detecting clues indicative of mal-intent.  Profiling is against the law, perhaps not if you are singly profiled.  Your computer image can tell tales about you, and that image may one day get you arrested for thinking the wrong thing at the wrong time, in the wrong place.
  The DHS has already tested F.A.S.T. on it's own volunteer employees according to program manager Robert Middleton Jr..  (If you believe that it's only been tested on volunteers, I've got a bridge to sell you.)  It's my opinion that if the government says that anything has been tested solely on volunteers, that means many unsuspecting citizens have already been targeted without knowing.  A short study of historical facts tells me that our government as well as other governments, have a real and true propensity to lie through their teeth.  This present "transparent" administration is certainly no exception.  Bottom line is this, F.A.S.T. is designed to track and monitor, among other things, body movements, changes in voice pitch, eye movement and even breathing patterns, F.A.S.T. literally hunts for irregularities in human behavior.  There are some who will say, "hey, this is a good thing"!  Really???  There is no doubt that the inventors behind this technology are doing what they feel is an honorable thing.  The creation of a machine that can actually detect what a person is thinking and feeling may be good when finding a person whose intention it is to do harm to his fellow man, but what about the guy who simply becomes nervous at the sight of authority?  Can the machine distinguish between physiological intent and the natural reaction of some people to be nervous and upset, and although their physiological attributes scream out terrorist, they actually mean no harm to anyone?  I've never seen a machine with the ability to be discerning.  So then what happens when the machine sends the inevitable false positive.  Will there be the "Thought Police Enforcers" (T.P.E."s for short) there to arrest this person?  Will he or she be subjected to a complete psychological profile by a professional, or will he/she be subjected to a complete violation of their rights, and be harassed?  I can see no good coming from this particular invention.  Regardless of the intentions of it's creator, you can bet the corrupt officials of DHS will find a way to grope people's minds without them knowing it, arresting them for what they are feeling and thinking, detaining them on machine accusations with literally no basis in fact.  We will find people being accused by machines, and authorities taking the word of machines over the words of human beings.  No, I don't like F.A.S.T., not one little bit.  I don't have to list the many inventions that were intended for the sole use of benefiting mankind, that have been turned into a form of violence toward mankind by those in power seats of governments around the world.  Everything from splitting the atom to discovery of diseases and cures.  We have nuclear energy, but we also have nuclear weaponry.  We have disease cures, and mankind has created diseases with no cure, called biological weaponry.  Most things that have been invented out of necessity and for beneficial reasons have been corrupted.  F.A.S.T. will certainly be no exception.  The government already wants to, and has the capability of installing an air conditioning thermostat in your home that only a government official can control.  They have already been intstalled in some experimental homes in California.  It won't be long before that technology is not experimental and your utility company will be installing one in your home, mandated by the federal government.  ("Saving the planet, you know!!!")  What happens when F.A.S.T. is perfected and the Feds mandate one be installed in every home, and before the mandatory locks on your doors can be opened, each member of the household must stand in front of the F.A.S.T. scanner for purposes of government screening for human thoughts of mal-intent?  Let's face it, from your ATM card to your cell phone transmissions to Onstar in your automobile, the government knows where you are, and in many cases through cameras on street posts, they know what you're doing, and with whom.  Their spy system isn't perfect yet, but give them will be!
  Food for thought:  Senior citizens who have been sold on the safety of living in a walled and gated community.  Walls and gates are double purpose, they may have been designed to keep people out, but they also keep people (in) confined once the gates are closed and locked. 
God Help Us
The Watchman

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