Saturday, August 6, 2011



  "Obama is clueless, when it comes to finances and the economy" (Donald Trump).  "Obama, out of touch, he's just so naive." (Unknown journalist).  " Obama, is inexperienced and out of touch with the people" (Sarah Palin).
  Pass, pass and another pass.  Do all these supposedly educated people really think that Barack Hussein Obama is just making mistake after crucial mistake?  Do the educated and experienced veteran journalists and talk show hosts honestly believe that the Obama administration is just a comedy of errors and poor judgement?  I'm not buying it, not for one minute could you convince me that Obama is this much of a buffoon.  
  Barack Hussein Obama's Socialist agenda is a plain as the nose on Barney Franks face.  Obama's destructive intent is as obvious as the botox injections of Nancy Pelosi.  There is no possible way that this many Americans, especially the electorate can be so fooled and baffled into thinking that Obama's single most detriment is his naivte'.  I remember that John F. Kennedy once said "If you get domestic policy wrong, you can lose a lot of jobs and money, if you get foreign policy wrong, you can lose a lot of lives."  Say what you want about John Kennedy, but he was that last true Conservative Democrat, and he was right in his statement I just quoted.  Doesn't it occur to anyone that Obama has it totally wrong on both counts?  The nation is on the verge of bankruptcy, and since he took office, America is engaged in even more wars than we had with George Bush.  Mistakes?  I don't think so!!!  
  It is however, a matter of semantics, isn't it?  Situations that occur are either dire or matter of fact, it all depends on how one perceives them to be.  This my friends is the dilemma we have regarding President Barack Obama.  As conservatives we see Obama an idiot who is leading our nation down the wrong path.  As Christians, we Obama as a Godless man, lending more credence toward Islam than his pretend Christianity.  It is us, the American people who are the ones making mistakes in our perceptions and erring in our judgements regarding Barack Obama.  We aren't grading Obama from the correct set of rules.  It is imperative to realize that one cannot judge a Socialist's accomplishments from a Constitutional Republic's set of rules.  The standards are not the same.  If you want to judge a Socialist, then you must judge him by the same rules a Socialist judges himself.  When judging Obama on his failed leadership, you must first research what he boasted to accomplish.  I believe he stated 5 days prior to his victorious election that "we are five days away from fundamentally changing America."  Well, I ask you, has he or has he not kept that promise?  In my opinion he has kept that promise, because it is painfully apparent that America has been fundamentally changed since Obama came to office.  In my eyes, as in most conservative eyes, the changes that have taken place and those changes yet in the works are NOT changes for the good.  However, from a Socialist's point of view, Obama is quite successful in his endeavors and accomplishments.  When over 40% of the population is collecting some type of government entitlement, whether they are entitled or not, from a conservative standpoint, that is a dire and destructive situation.  From a Socialist's standpoint, it is exactly what the goal was.  Actually it falls a little short of the goal, but as they say, "the night is still young".  We forget sometimes that there is much more Obama darkness on the horizon, but to Socialists, they only see light at the end of the tunnel.  Perception, perception, perception.  
  It is time Americans and their representatives become aware that Barack Hussein Obama has been groomed for the position he is in.  Harken to the fact that his decisions are not errs in the judgement of a naive President, but in fact, are all implementations of a Socialist plan that Obama subscribes to, and is exercising his authority to bring to fruition.  Just as he promised.  Once that understanding is in the forefront, all of Obama's decisions, and there are many, that are leading America into financial and economic ruin, are all 100% planned and orchestrated to make take America into the future as a third world country, with Socialists as the ruling party.  Socialism fails every time, and it it will fail in America too, but not until we as a nation have suffered horrendously at its hands.
  America has oil, are we drilling? NO
  America has coal, are we mining? NO
  America has natural gas, are we bringing it up, NO
  America is spending 3 billion dollars a month, and 40% of that money is borrowed, is that sustainable?  NO
Are these all errors in judgement of a naive President?  Or are they planned obstacles to bring America into a One World Order?  You decide!
God Help Us
The Watchman    

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