Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Are they really talking about resistance or are they talking aggressive violence wreaked upon the masses?

Dateline:  8/9/2011
A militant environmental group calling themselves the "Deep Green Resistance", is calling for executions and "Decisive Ecological Warfare"

Under the guise of "saving the planet" and virtually saving the human race from themselves, the organization calling themselves "Deep Green Resistance" has published a book by the same name.  Although I haven't actually read the book, I have read reviews of it's content.  This group is something out of Jules Verne, or maybe a fiction thought up by the great Orson Wells.  Unfortunately, this book is not fiction, in a way appears to be a manifesto, a guide book on how to, not only destroy a nation and the industrialized world, but also the people living in it.  The authors of "Deep Green Resistance", Aric McBay, Lierre Keith and Derrick Jensen are all men who see themselves as planetary saviors, and even at the cost of millions of human lives, they are adamant about do everything in their power to see that planet earth is returned to it's original state of pristine glory before man was introduced to it.  A quote from Derrick Jensen:  :  If it were up to me, all the people associated with with the Gulf oil spill, which is murdering the Gulf, would be executed.  That would be part of the function of a state."  (I wonder what Mr. Jensen drove to work today, and did it run on gasoline or some dare I say it, other petroleum product?)  These are man who obviously do not realize the God the Creator of all things, created the earth for man to live on, and live off of.  I am sure that all three of these man and their followers see no place for God in the giant scheme of things.  It can be understood from the things they do and say, that they are "Big Bangers".  They believe that mankind is actually a pestilence upon the earth. 
  In their radical little minds, they write that it may be necessary to actually cause violent destruction to industry and infrastructure.  They refer to this as "Decisive Ecological Warfare" as if by putting a name to their intended violence, will somehow give it all a sense of justification and credence among the people, especially the young and ecologically minded.  Of course among these would be the Al Gorian Global Warmists.  I'm sure that Deep Green Resistance is counting on recruiting the more violent elements from both Green Peace and Earth First.  If the Deep Green Resistance has even limited success in their actions, it will be a significant  organization to deal with.  It never ceases to amaze me that these organizations that want to bring peace and tranquility to the earth, feel they must do it by destroying the livelihood and lives of other members of the human species.
  Of course Homeland Security will be very busy watching the Tea Party folks because they have been deemed homegrown terrorists, although there is no proof that any Tea Party group or individual has perpetrated any act of violence or terrorism against the people.  TSA will still be frisking, patting down and groping everyone from tiny babies to 90 year old ladies looking for the "Diaper and Depends Bombs", while allowing Middle Eastern folks through security without as much as a second look, for fear of offending Muslims, who literally started this whole thing in the first place.  There will be no alerts sent out by Janet Napolitano regarding the potential industrial terrorism from militant environmentalists, but boy oh boy watch out for unfortunate travelers with vials of needed insulin, and don't forget to probe, squeeze and cause leaks to as many colostomy bags as you can.  Never miss an opportunity to embarrass a man or women with a physical malady, it's the TSA way!  
  To the organization "Deep Green Resistance", I understand good intentions, and I love this planet as much as you do.  I will not however, destroy the lives of millions to somehow justify saving it.  Here is an idea, if you and all these misguided environmental groups hate the thought of humans inhabiting the earth, then take this suggestion to heart.  Locate as many of your kind as you can, I'm sure there are literally hundreds of thousands world wide.  Use the dreaded Internet, social network sites, the mail, television and radio, all which the use of requires a huge "carbon footprint".  Call them all together into arenas across the globe, and as your last footprint, drink some biodegradable poison.  You will not only be ridding the planet of a substantial number of air breathing, carbon dioxide spewing humans, but all of you will go down in the annuls of history as earth martyrs.  Giving the ultimate sacrifice for your "god earth".  Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing for you to do?  You won't do that will you?  Of course not, it is your intention to rid the world of everyone but yourselves, because the earth needs you environmentalists to stay behind to care proper care of the less populated world left behind.  There is an old saying:  "Physician, heal thyself".  I humbly and with all due respect to your cause of saving the planet invite to commit mass suicide.  Those of us left behind will certainly clean up the mess, it may take awhile though.  Then again it may not take very long at all, and I'll tell you why.  Because environmentalists like you will not sacrifice, you only want others to sacrifice.  That is what makes you the hypocrites you are.  I say, you drink first, the rest of us will decide after you are gone.  Won't happen though, will it?  Nope, it sure won't happen.  
  I highly recommend people go out read this book, see what you're up against.  When these nut cases start blowing up factories and oil rigs and refineries all in the name of the earth, at least you'll know who to blame for your 
discomfort, lack of food, heat, air conditioning, transportation, and health care.
  When reading this book, be sure to note that the publishing company is owned by "Open Borders Society" George Soros.  Also note that by reading much of the UN's "Agenda 21" paperwork, you will find many correlations between the two.  FRIGHTENING, very Frightening.
God Help Us
The Watchman   

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