Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Agenda 21 Update – DOT’s regulatory attack on family farms | Video | TheBlaze.com


  That's right, the implementation of the U.N.'s Agenda 21 is in full swing on several fronts.  The latest of course is the attack on the family farm and farm families.  In a effort to control and actually curtail the family farm operations in America, the US Department of Transportation wants all operators of farm equipment to be in possession of a CDL (Commercial Driver's License). 
  For more years than I can count, young boys and girls born into farm families have always helped out, driving tractors, combines, farm trucks, balers, wagons you name it.  Not anymore, the Agenda 21 controls are being infused into even more private lives and businesses.  One must be 21 years of age to acquire a CDL.  Where does that leave the farmer when last harvest his 12, 13 or 14 year old was driving the harvester or the baler.  It leaves him darn short handed, that's what! 
  I heard it said that the government just doesn't understand how family farms work!  I'm here to tell that the government does in fact know how things are done on the family farm, and it's the government's goal to shut you down.  Controlling huge populations of people is difficult, especially if food is plentiful.  However, if you control access and production of food, it makes controlling the masses oh so much easier.  Family farms produce about 70% of the world's food supply, huge conglomerates like ConAgri pretty much produce the other 30%.  Just think though, outfits like ConAgri that already receive a substantial amount of the government farm subsidies, well, if they were to control say all of the food production, then the government would in turn enjoy the control of who farms, and who plants, and what they plant and of course how much they are allowed to plant and harvest.  Can you even imagine the extent of this far global reaching power?  I can, and it isn't pretty.
  The bottom line is a United Nation's plan that the United States and several other countries have signed on to that will ultimately put family run farms out of business.  Have you been to your neighborhood farmer's market lately?  If you have, enjoy it because it won't be there much longer, if the government has it's way.  The government has plans to require all your local growers to comply with FDA regulations for food safety and tracking, under the guise of course that they care about the consumer.  That isn't the reason at all.  The real reason is to remove food from accessibility to regular folks.  In the works, is a plan to keep you from not only planting your own garden, but to keep you from selling or even giving away your home grown produce.  You say "they can't do that"!!!  Well, I'm here to tell you that they can do that, and they will do that, and here's how.  The Progressives and the Globalists know that to get home grown produce out the market place would be an extremely difficult task at best, the very legislation would be a nightmare.  However, the government's can write regulatory mandates much, much easier, and that's how they are doing it, and going to do it.  Putting the CDL requirement on family farms is just the beginning.  When the opportunity arises regulatory legislation in the form of rules that must adhered to in order to grow, sell or give away foods of any kind will come Washington.  The rules will come hard and they will come fast.  Family farmers will be hit with enough regulations that it will become way to expensive to plant, grow, harvest and sell.  There will be no opportunity to make even minimum profits.  Why the regulations they can and will put on the fertilizers and the fertilization process alone will break enough family farms in short order.  By the time the government adds on food inspections, transportation regulations from farm to roadside stand, the farm output will not produce enough profit to buy seed for next year's crop.
  So, it begins. 
God Help Us
The Watchman

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