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I am King Obama, I have spoken, let it be written, let it be done!!!

Nikki Haley: Obama Admin’s Job-Killing Boeing Decision Is ‘Worst Thing’ For Economy The Blaze

  If there was ever any doubt in the minds of corporations, employees and or Governors of the fifty states as to Obama's intention to dictate how, when and where businesses can open, move to, or close up.  Let those doubts from this day forward be dispelled. 
Posted on May 13, 2011 by Emily Estafahani Smith (The Blaze)
As you know, the Obama administration's National Labor Relations Board (N.L.R.B.) is trying to tell the Boeing Company how to run it's business.  To wit, the NLRB is telling Boeing that it cannot open a plant in business-friendly South Carolina.  South Carolina is a right-to-work state, meaning that is has "a law against compulsory union membership"----so is the NLRB retaliating on behalf of labor?  The answer to that question is an unequivocal "YES"!
  According to Richard Epstein a Libertarian labor expert:  "The NLRB has filed unfair labor charges on (check this out) behalf of the IAM (International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers) against the Boeing Company.  Why?  Because Boeing had the audacity to invest $2 billion in a new South Carolina facility where it would assemble its 787 Dreamliner---a job that Boeing assigned to 1,000 non-union workers starting this coming July, 2011.
  The construction of this South Carolina aircraft plant will create over 1,000 much needed jobs, and it will not affect any jobs in Washington state or the Portland, Oregon area.  That's right, no one in Washington or Oregon will lose their job as a result of this new South Carolina Boeing facility.  So what's the problem you ask?  The problem is that Barack Hussein Obama owes big union bosses for getting him elected, and now he's going to pay them back.  As a matter of fact Obama is going to pay them back regardless of who gets hurt.  You can bet the home and farm that if this Boeing plant was being constructed in China, Korea or Mexico neither Obama the NLRB or the unions would have a problem with it.  Unfortunately, the plant is in South Carolina, and the jobs it will create are American jobs.  So, you see where the rub is, Boeing will be hiring non-union workers.  The result will be an increased profit margin for Boeing, a boon to South Carolina and much needed jobs for an industry depressed area of the country.  If Obama wanted to create jobs in America, he wouldn't have a problem with this.  The simple fact is, Obama is anti-capitalist, and anti-big business, and this scenario proves beyond a doubt that he is above all else, anti-middle class.  In Obama's never ending lying rhetoric about his concern for creating jobs, well... obviously that's exactly what it is, "lying rhetoric", enough said.  This maneuver involving the Boeing company, South Carolina and the people of America should be a wake up call, one of many (I might add), to the fact our President does not have the welfare of the American worker or family at heart.  Unless of course there is a union involved, or he can shove another 1,000 U.S. jobs off shore and into the arms of a foreign entity.
  In the opinion of this writer, Obama is nothing more or less than a white collar criminal terrorist who is destroying America from top to bottom.  He either will turn over this nation to Islam, sell all of us out to his New World Order, or strip America and Americans of our freedom and our free enterprise system.  I'm of the opinion that Obama would be quite happy with any or all of the afore mention agendas.  He is forcing his draconian edicts upon us unimpeded, he is in the process of eliminating our military defenses, collapsing our economy and erasing our borders and taking away our sovereignty.  I do not understand, and perhaps I never will understand how our congress, our states governors, and our judges can continue to stand by and allow this president to rape and pillage our country.  There are way to many blind eyes in this country.   
  On a positive note, Obama's golf score is no doubt improving, he has perfected his groveling before tyrannical dictators, and the man can apologise with the best of them.  Okay, he gave the order to kill Usama bin Laden.  How could he not have?  Why in the Lords precious name did it take him 16 hours to make that no-brainer call.  Suffice to say, had the word not gotten out that we had bin Laden at our finger tips, Obama and Valerie Jarret would have allowed bin Laden to escape into the sunset.  The killing of bin Laden did but one thing, and that was take away the only radical Muslim that Obama didn't get an opportunity to apologise to.
Citizens of America, wake up!!!
God Help Us
"The Watchman"

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