Thursday, May 19, 2011


If you wouldn't buy a used car from a salesman that gave you a look like this?  Then don't buy anything else he's selling either!!!

  The picture kind of reminds  me of Barney Fife when Andy took away his only bullet.  Barack certainly makes no effort to hide his feelings, does he?  Obviously in the photograph above Obama was clearly perturbed at someone who disagreed with his Socialist opinion or rhetoric.  We all know that Obama is full steam ahead with his plans to be the very first dictator of the New World Order. 
  I believe that Obama had one person to get by in this next election, and that was Donald Trump, some way some how Trump was convinced throw in the towel even before he was allowed in the ring.  Obama has found a way to eliminate any worthy opponent in every office race he's entered.  In the last Presidential election, Obama was able to discourage Mitt Romney, and in his place, came John McCain, a candidate that could not win.  Now Obama has sent his only real opposition packing and conservatives will be left with Romney again to carry the torch.  I believe in my heart of hearts that Obama handled Romney in 2008 and he'll be able to handle Romney in the race for the 2012 White House.  It would come as no surprise to me if Obama didn't already have Romney under his thumb.  They may make the race look good, and the voters more than likely won't be able to see it, but personally, I believe the Obama fix is already in.  
  Several months ago, I voiced my concerns as to whether there would be a "free presidential election" in 2012, and nothing has happened to change my stance.  I've been waiting for Obama's most transparent White House and administration to show up, but that certainly hasn't been the case, and there is no indication that that will change.  Every campaign promise Obama ran on has been broken, his administration is based on lies and misdirections.  Except perhaps one truth he did reveal to the public, he did say he was going to fundamentally transform America, and boy has he accomplished that, in aces!!!  I for one, do not recognize my country anymore.  Is the destruction to America that this administration has caused, reversible?  I'm inclined to say no, at least not for quite some time.  Obama and the Progressive left are in the process of deeply ingraining in our youth that number one, America is the world's bad guy.  Also that only government can feed, clothe, house and finance the people.  They are indoctrinating our youngsters with myths about how wonderful Communism and Socialism can be.  A land where no one wants for anything, a nation where the government provides everything.  It does sound good, doesn't it.  The awful truth is, that everything the devil tempts humans with is very sweet in nature, but in the end, that's where the bitter poison is.  The poison is: nobody will want for anything will become that "everyone will want for everthing".  It's what Socialism is all about, and in the end, it isn't going to be pretty!
  Today, Nashville, TN., Vanderbilt Medical center announced that they are reaching the critical point in shortages of electrolyte drugs.  Amazingly enough, these are essential in keeping the in- firmed elderly and infants alive.  The shortage is so low that within a week to ten days, they will be forced to ration these electrolytes.  Can anyone guess which group of people will have to sacrifice first?  I can!  There is no doubt that someone, either at the hospital or God forbid, Obama's medical czar will have to make the decision on who gets the electrolytes and who doesn't.  Hmmm, who would have seen this coming?  Anyone with an ounce of sense, anyone who's paying attention to what this administration is, and has been doing, that's who! 
  There are more and more serious questions that need to be answered of this administration and this corrupt society we find ourselves living in.
1.  Who in this country wields enough power to make Donald Trump feel that he shouldn't be running for President against Barack Hussein Obama?
2.  How can Barack Obama promise billions of dollars of new foreign aid to Jordan and Egypt when we, as a nation have already reached our debt limit? 
3.  Why would Barack Obama lend support to organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood when their combined goal is to wipe Israel and all Jews off the face of the earth?  (Israel first, America next!)
4.  Why is Obama paying Brazil (Petrobras) billions of dollars of American taxpayer money to offshore drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, when our own American Oil companies are under a no-drilling moratorium imposed by Barack Obama?
5.  Why is it hate speech for an American citizen to question Islamic and Muslim influences in America, but it isn't hate speech when Muslim and Islamic Clerics spew their disgusting vitriolic speech against Jews and Christians?
6.  Has our nation become so apathetic toward corruption that even in light of all the unconstitutional things Obama has done, that Americans would still support him?
  It is past time for Americans to wake up, the sweet temptations of the devil will be turning to bitter poison very soon.  Once a person swallows the poison, it's too late and there will be no antidote.

God Help Us
The Watchman


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