Saturday, May 14, 2011


Thank you Geert Wilders

The truth about Islam and it's influence in Europe, the Netherlands and America was brought to light last night at Cornerstone Church in Nashville, Tennessee.

  Last night, May 12, 2011 literally hundreds of Tennesseans from locations all around the state were treated to an informative and enlightening event, sponsored by the Tennessee Freedom Coalition.  The keynote speaker was none other than Geert Wilders the leader of the Freedom Party in Holland.  Geert is the most outspoken representative in the Netherlands about the Islamification of Europe and the Netherlands.  In his own country, Geert has been dragged through the courts because of his outspokenness against Islam and the virtual takeover by Islam in his home country.  He has been accused of hate speech in Holland, you see, in Holland there is no first amendment free speech rights as we have here in America.  The question I pose is:  How long will Americans continue to enjoy our right to free speech?  It appears to me that free speech is only allowed when one agrees with the present administration and it's Liberal/Progressive minions.  When speaking out and or questioning either the President, his ideologies or Islam one seems to be branded as racist, bigot or Islamophobe.  Lately in America those who disagree with the Socialist agenda, appear to lose their right to free speech.  It was refreshing to hear foreign born speakers who had more respect for the U.S. Constitution than many of our own citizens.  Sam Solomon for one, was very astute in his presentation of Islam.  He explained that Islam although it pretends to be, is not a religion peace at all, but an all encompassing way of life, and an ideology that enslaves it's followers and intimidates the non-believers exposed to it.  Mr. Solomon's first hand experience with Islam confirms and commands the truthfull credence of his statements.
  For those who were unable to attend this event in Nashville, or for those who have never heard Geert Wilders speak, here are a few excerpts from Mr. Wilders' speech transcript:
  "Last week, my friend Lars Hedegaard, a journalist from Denmark was fined because in a private conversation, (which was recorded without his knowing), he had criticised the way women are treated in Islamic societies."
  "Recently, another friend, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, a human rights activist from Austria, was fined because she criticised Islam's founder Mohammad.  She said that Mohammad was a pedophile because he had married a 6-year old girl and consummated the marriage by raping her at age 9."
  " I am especially happy to be in your midst because here I can say what I want to say without having to fear that I will be dragged to court upon leaving this church."
  "My dear American friends, you cannot imagine how we envy your First Amendment.  The day when America follows the example of Europe and Canada and introduces so-called hate-speech crimes which is only used to punish people who are critical of Islam, that day America will have lost it's freedom."  That last sentence in "red" is worth reading again, and again. 
  We in America are already subjected to a "hate crimes law", we are already cautioned to be "politically correct" in our conversations and in the things we write.  Tolerance of things that should never be tolerated is being forced upon us.  We are forced to tolerate dishonesty from our politicians, homosexuality, false faiths and ideologies, the removal of God and Jesus from schools and government buildings.  Our American flag is being vilified as a symbol that others find offensive.  We are being forced to remove our Christian and Jewish Holiday celebrations from public venues because they might be found offensive to Muslims in our country.  We, on the other hand are expected to tolerate and even condone Islamic celebrations and Sharia laws in our own nation.  I ask you, does America really have freedom of speech, or is it now reserved for militant blacks, Muslims, and illegal aliens?  Why is it that those people can threaten, defame, insult and even commit violence on others, and it is called expression of free speech?  Why is it, when concerned citizens speak out against Islam, illegal aliens, and militant blacks (Black Panthers), that the citizen is labeled a bigot, a racist or an Islamophobe?  We have some very serious priority problems in America too, it's not just in Europe anymore.  I am happy that men like Geert Wilders don't see those problems and the misguided liberal agenda that has permeated this once free nation.  I, for one would be completely ashamed to admit that America's freedom and liberty is now just a sham.  At the same time I fear for my country, because the warnings and the alerts of impending disaster, the result of the forced acceptance of multi-culturalism, are falling on deaf ears.  With that said, our once free nation is going by way of Europe and Canada and most Americans remain merely passengers on an out of control Express on the road to perdition.
God Help Us
"The Watchman"

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