Thursday, January 13, 2011


Not only does our President know how to embarrass the country when traveling to foreign lands, but last night in Tucson, Arizona at the University of Arizona Memorial, he proved beyond doubt that he can embarrass America from right here at home!!!

I watched the entire memorial held in honor of the slain and wounded from the Tucson shooting. I was totally taken aback as I listened to the whoops and hollers from the students. Through the whole thing and all the speeches, there wasn't one discernable solemn moment. The memorial had all the respect and solemnity of a pep rally. University of Arizona president Robert Shelton should have been embarrassed too, but he wasn't, or at least he didn't appear so. As he introduced the Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer, you could hear boos from the hallway leading to the auditorium. (No apology needed I guess). Describing this as a memorial ceremony is like calling the movie Animal House a respectful religious documentary. The way Robert Shelton introduced President Obama, was as if he were bucking for the Robert Gibbs vacated spot as Obama's press secretary. It wasn't an introduction for the President to speak at a memorial, it was an introduction to the speech that kicked off Obama's campaign for the White House in 2012. It was an obvious display of Rahm Emanuel politics, "never let a good crisis go to waste", and Obama certainly attempted to capitalize on this one. A despicable display of Obama antics. The University of Arizona even passed out tee-shirts commemorating the kick off of Obama's newest angle, "Together We Thrive" to entering students and attendees. There have been tacky events throughout Obama's administration, but this is by far the tackiest of tacky. Before Robert Shelton thanked all the attendees for coming, he should have apologised to the country and the world for the misbehavior of his students, he should have apologised to Governor Jan Brewer, and most of all he should have apologised to the families of the fallen and the wounded for turning what should have been a solemn memorial ceremony into an Obama circus.

The behavior of the U of A students is proof positive of the Progressive indoctrination of America's young. The total lack of respect for human life and human feelings was prevalent in that Arizona auditorium last evening. The student's blatant disregard for memorial decorum was more than noticeable, at least it was to me. If leading by example is one Michelle Obama's mantras, then she should have consulted someone prior to her appearance with the President at a memorial ceremony. The only thing missing from Michelle's attire, was a poodle skirt and knee socks. Someone must have told her that the people in Arizona are somewhat behind the times in education and fashion. (Out of touch President, out of touch First Lady.) I'm sure she thought she would fit right in wearing that fifties style little sweater. My goodness Michelle, you're the First Lady of the once most respected country in the world, are you sure your wardrobe doesn't contain an outfit somewhat more appropriate for the occasion? I know, that was a petty remark, but sometimes even us conservatives inadvertantly stoop to Liberal levels, so sue for conduct unbecoming. Could you imagine the press comments if Laura Bush had shown up for a 9/11 memorial wearing such a dowdy and inelegant outfit?

Suffice to say, the event was a disappointment, at least to me. I grew up respecting others and being sensitive to their feelings. Apparently that's no longer the way to act. (It wasn't even politically correct.) Barack Obama, Robert Shelton, the University of Arizona did in my opinion, embarrass this nation. Perhaps the many of you didn't recognize it, and maybe the rest of the world didn't either. (If you didn't see it, watch it again, and listen, trust me you'll hear it for yourselves.) For those of us who saw through Obama's pathetic attempt at addressing the nation using heartfelt language, we all know what Obama's bottom line really is. His agenda will not stop, not even to honor the dead and wounded of this dastardly and senseless massacre in Tucson, Arizona.

God bless the families of the fallen and give strength to Rep. Gabby and all those who must now undergo recovery from their wounds. God bless those who were there, especially those who will have the terrible scene played over and over in their heads. Seek God's face, ask for His help in dealing with this tragedy which has befallen you. In Jesus' Holy Name, I pray.

Sincerely, "The Watchman"

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