Monday, January 10, 2011


There is no doubt that Liberals/Progressives suffer from an incurable mental disorder. The real question is, why are they so successful in their agenda?
Who's really to blame for the successes of the Liberal agenda, the answer is, the passive and uninformed conservative voters. Perhaps, I should say non-voters! As much as we Conservatives would like to lay the entire blame for this country's sorry state of affairs on the Liberal/Progressive left, we in good conscience, can not! Passive Conservatives in America are equally to blame for our state of the union, as it were. We, as Conservatives, who were for many years the majority, watched as the United States was led toward the path of destruction by the Liberal left, without so much as lifting a finger, or for that matter a prayer. Reality and common sense indicates that the Conservative majority has little or no excuse for their role in the impending demise of our Republic. One can not blame the enemy for our failure to recognize the obvious attacks on America's instutions, i.e., education, economy, energy, and Christian religious freedom, just to name a few. The excuse; "we didn't see this coming", can not be used, because the Conservative majority did see it coming, we just chose to ignore it. Now, the Conservative Right has a serious dilemma to deal with. For those who still don't understand what I'm talking about, our nation is going Socialist! Here are some examples: 1.) The Gay community, which makes up a mere 3% of the entire American citizenry have managed to dictate rules and laws governing the military, the state department, the education of our children, and last but not least the marriage standard of one man/one woman. 2.) Atheists in America, make up of some 18% of Americans have now managed to remove GOD and Jesus from most public locations, and functions, they've even managed to gain some support from a church or two, go figure that one out! They have managed to convince the American people that "separation of church and state" is actually mandated by the U.S. Constitution which by the way, IS NOT. 3.) The Liberal/Progressive left, about 35%-40% of Americans have turned this nation into the politically correct capital of the world. So much so, that they've deemed most of the preaching of the Holy Bible to be accepted as a form of "hate speech", under the Hate Crimes legislation. They have been successful at legislating some twisted morality that forbids many of the guaranteed freedoms of speech in this country. Didn't see it coming? My horse's patoot, we didn't see it coming!!! For years, we as a nation have been confronted time and time again with several moral issues, and we've allowed our country to be hijacked by the Immoral Left. A perfect example of this tolerated and even condoned immorality is the rampant slaughter of the innocent unborn. Since Roe vs Wade, are we, the supposed Moral Majority aware of how many millions of unborn babies that have been murdered under the law? Yes, we are aware of it, have we done anything to vote out those who would shake their fist at God and appoint themselves judge, jury and executioner of the unborn? I am embarrassed that this state of Tennessee, the heart of the Bible Belt, has the most liberal late term abortion laws of any state in the country. To the legislators of Tennessee, "shame on you!!!" I challenge Tennessee's new conservative majority legislature to rectify the immoral laws that allow these heinous crimes to continue.
Oh yes my fellow Americans we were certainly capable of seeing this coming. All you have to do is take a gander at the picture atop this article, study those faces, we've watched them, listened to them and ignored them for years, and now they are in control, actually they have been dictating policy to the majority for several years. But it was our pocket books we were thinking about, wasn't it? Admit it, Americans have been so preoccupied with wealth and pleasure and entitlements for so long that we have allowed ourselves to fall into this disgusting state of mediocrity. We've been lured and legislated so deep into immorality that we can barely see the light above. The light of righteousness and good, the place we once were. The place of self respect, responsibility, honesty and reliance on Divine Providence (God, the Creator). Where do we go from here? To Whom do we seek the wisdom to pull ourselves from this abyss? We turn back to God my friends. We, repent and ask forgiveness from the Creator who endowed us with our inalienable rights, and we pray for mercy, and His blessings upon us and our nation.
Understanding the Liberal/Progressive is quite easy. First you must understand that they have an uncanny way of twisting truth to a point where it is unrecognizable, therefore they cause chaos. They deceive in every conceivable way, making up facts as they go along, confusing the issues, and again causing chaos. A perfect example of twisting the truth, is the false science used to shove "global warming" and all of it's ramifications down the throats of not only America, but the world. I ask you, if the earth's warming is due to global warming, then how can the earth's cooling be attributed to global warming? The truth is, it can't!!! Global warming, is nothing but a step toward the control of global population by a few political and wealthy elite. We can not continue to fall for these attempts to control energy, food, and population. To combat these attacks on the very welfare of the human species, we must be aware and diligent, and demand accountability. We have taken the first steps toward combating Socialism, by electing Conservative representatives to the congress, but we must not become complacent in the results of this past election. It is necessary to hold these newly elected public servants to the task for which they were elected. Do NOT offer blind trust in any politician.
Pray for the success of our new congress. God help us!!!
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Situ

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