Tuesday, January 11, 2011


When I was young, I would always discount my mother's warning: "You are judged by the company you keep." However, now that I am older and wiser, I can understand exactly what my mother meant. It is quite easy to judge the character of the those in question, if you just pay close attention to the company they keep. Above left is Rep. James Clyburn-Dem., S.C., pictured with Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and other Democratic radicals in D.C.. Above right, is Sen. Bob Kerrey Dem.-Neb. pictured with the self professed Modern day Progressive (Communist), Hillary Clinton.

My point is this, both of these gentlemen James Clyburn and Bob Kerrey were elected by their respective constituents, and are expected I'm sure to be capable of reasonable discernment and rational judgement. This story, has really been done by every media outlet in the world, but there are a couple of things that I feel really need to be said. Number one, anyone and everyone who blames anyone other than the "shooter" in Tucson, AZ. for the deaths of six wonderful people, and the wounding of many others, is most certainly as "non compos mentis" as the shooter himself. Whether you are a newscaster, a talk show host, an anchor on a news channel, a writer/reporter for a newspaper, magazine, either large or small, an editor or a politician either democrat or republican. If you made an accusation like the two so-called public servants mentioned above, and your accusation was even the least bit similar to theirs, you are an incompetent and insensitive boob, and you have no place serving the public in any capacity, your bosses need to fire you, and your constituents need to begin impeachment proceedings against you.

If any of my readers live, or know someone who lives in Nebraska or South Carolina, please make sure they know that their duly elected representatives are at the very best, an embarrassment to their state. For those in South Carolina, are you aware that your Rep. to the U.S. Congress said that "reading the Constitution aloud on the floor of the House of Representatives might have a direct link to the shootings in Tucson, Arizona."? For those who may live in the Great State of Nebraska, are you aware that your Senator Bob Kerrey agreed with Rep. Clyburn? Whether you agree with these servants of the people or not, they made these statements prior to being in possession of any facts, and as a matter of fact, I understand that some statements were uttered even before the last victim was removed from the crime scene. It should be understood however, that the statements were not based on any fact, your representatives at the time the statements were made, didn't even know who the shooter was, how many shooters there may have been, and the body count was not confirmed. Something to think about folks when you go to the polls again and these imbeciles have their names on the ballot.
By now you are all probably wondering who the lovely blond lady is in the top middle of this post. Her name is Chellie Pingree, she is a Representative from the state of Maine. I gave Ms. Pingree a place of distinction on this post, because her statement should strike fear deep into the hearts of free men and women everywhere, and especially here in America. She made the statement that our words are powerful, and certain words should not be used. Rep. Pingree is under the impression that the very use of the word "kill" can and does incite people to violence. My friends, I can not emphasise enough the thin ice our freedom of speech is skating on. Already in this Politically Correct country words are being forbidden and actually stricken from our language and our literature, i.e., Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn (author: Mark Twain). If the legislators even have an inkling that they have the power over free speech, our country is doomed. To the people of Maine, and to the people of every state, scrutinize your elected officials, determine where they stand on free speech rights. If they show any penchant toward the governmental control of what you can and can not say, it's time to vote them out!!! We have an administration that feels they can legislate morality, soon it will not only be what you say that gets you into trouble, but what someone assumes you are thinking, may also get you into hot water.
God Help Us
This has been a warning from,
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

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