Friday, January 21, 2011


Is it really necessary for Black Americans to have their own TEA Party? What's the compulsion to have a TEA Party designated "The Black Tea Party"? Would Martin Luther King Jr. have started a Black TEA Party? I honestly don't think he would, nor would he have condoned one.
As a proud and active TEA Party member in the county where I live, and as a guest speaker from last April 15th TEA Party, it troubles me to see and hear that Black Americans find it somehow necessary to have a TEA Party to call their own. I have attended several TEA Party rallies, and none of them were designated as "White TEA Parties". In actuality, all of the rallies I attended were open to all patriots regardless or skin color or nationality. As far as I know, there has been NO racism or discrimination at any TEA Party rally in the entire United States. So why is there now a "Black TEA Party"?
For Martin Luther King, it was his dream and his life's work to bring Blacks and Whites and all colors to a point of unification and equality. Since his death however, it appears that the Black community, or at least the Black community leaders have this desire to separate Blacks from Whites. Fifty years ago, I could understand the need for Black people to have organizations and programs of their, as for so long, Blacks were denied any chance at pride in their race. But that is changed now, it has been changed since the late sixties. Today there are equal opportunities for all Americans, regardless of color. So why this incessant need to be set apart, Blacks from Whites? I hear the leaders of Black communities constantly touting the life and accomplishments of MLK Jr., but these leaders are not willing to allow the races to be unified as was MLK Jr.'s dream. Are they afraid to let go of their victim status? If there is a "Black TEA Party", I caution all Black people involved to be vigilant of exploitation by those who founded the program.
It is my considered opinion, right or wrong, that there is no need to have two TEA Parties, one Black and the other for everyone else. Designators like Black and White being used for a joint effort, are divisive at best. The TEA Party movement was started as an outlet and a platform for all Americans to have their voices heard. It still is, no one has ever been excluded. The TEA Party was extremely successful in this past election, dividing Black TEA Partiers from Whites, will not make the movement stronger. The American TEA Party was established as a grass roots movement, and there were no racial overtones, all people were and are welcome to participate, no one was or is excluded, or had any reason to feel excluded. Today's TEA Party is the same now, as when it began. So why start a TEA Party with an exclusive, divisive skin color designator? Does the Black patriot have a reason to be called Black, is being referred to as a patriot not enough? It makes me cautious and even a little suspicious of the motivation behind a "Black", or "White" anything, and that includes a "Black TEA Party. It makes me wonder if there isn't a scheme to divide the TEA Party, to keep America's patriots separated, to weaken the movement. Racial discrimination works in America, and the Progressives know it. What better way to bring down the TEA Party, than to racially segregate it? The Progressives in charge, are not going to give up their quest to control us all. It is imperative that we remain united in our efforts to combat the Socialism that's being forced down our throats. We cannot successfully combat Socialism, if we are divided by color, by race, or by religious persuasion. We are all Americans first and foremost, and we must unify, or we will fall to the Progressives one movement, one group at a time. "We The People", means all the people. Our founding fathers did not place a color or race designator in the Declaration of Independence, and neither should we! We are Americans all, we are beyond the petty differences between the races, and we as Americans must let those differences go, they are from the past! These differences must not be carried forward into this political combat, as they alone can and will defeat us. We can only survive if we as a population of "Americans" take a stand for our liberty and freedom, and we must stand as one unified voice!!! The survival of our Republic depends on it!!!
God Help Us
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Situ

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