Saturday, January 22, 2011


"It's not the Law, it's the audacity in the assumption that Morality can and should be legislated. Thereby allowing judges to adjudicate the right of life and death. The problem with trying to legislate morality, is that by doing so, you run the risk of unavoidable consequences such as, the legislating of Immorality. The morality of Laws, is a direct reflection of the morality of the law maker." (Jerome F. Roth)
There is only one true law maker, and that is God, the Creator, the One who gave Moses the Ten Commandments. If the legislators of all nations consulted the Ten Commandments prior to legislating a new law, it would be most beneficial, both to the legislative body and the people of the nation they represent. In my mind, the Ten Commandments are the moral laws given to the human race by God, so that we as mere humans wouldn't have to legislate morality, through the Commandments, God has done it for us. Throughout time in memoriam, the Ten Commandments set the parameters of what is good and bad, right and wrong. Teaching the Ten Commandments to our children, as we were taught will give them a guideline to live by. Re- posting them in all school classrooms and government buildings would serve as a reminder to all who read them what the Creator expects of them. For the past 30 years, our children have been learning self-esteem, but not learning that esteem must be earned. They have been taught that there won't be consequences to their actions. The reality of the world is, there are losers and winners, trying does not make a winner, success is not measured by trying, it is measured by success. God gave all of us a gift, some will be gifted in sports, not everyone who tries sports will be winners, some will lose, that is reality. Giving the same reward for trying, demeans the winner. It is from losing that we gain strength to try harder, from losing we realize potential, or the lack there of. From losing we find our way to other endeavors. If a child is not allowed to lose and face disappointment, he can not be expected to overcome and try again. The losers of today, if guided, will be the winners of tomorrow.
First of all, our children must be allowed to be born. This is a moral decision, and it is one the mother must make. A baby is a gift from God. Abortion is the murder of an innocent. Abortion is a moral issue, it can not be legislated. The result of Roe vs Wade does not demand by law that a mother must submit to abortion. The law is not to blame, the judges are not to blame, the doctors are not to blame, the blame falls squarely on the moral conviction of the mother, and those who surround her. It is the degradation of moral conviction in all those involved. In a sense, all hold equal responsibility in slaughter of these innocents. Regardless of guidance, the decision is the mother's. One day, when this nation comes to it's senses, abortion may be made illegal in all 50 states. Then and only then is the decision made for the mother. One thing must be fully understood, there is NO law on the books today that require a mother to walk into an abortion clinic and get an abortion. Morality is taught by the family from young on. The morality of adults in America can control what students are taught in school, and they can control what is legislated in congress and adjudicated in the courts. They can do this by paying attention to what is happening around them. This country, at least for the time being is still a country of, by and for the people. Morality can not be legislated, it can only be taught. It is the responsibility of every parent to make sure that their morals are reflected in the government, the schools and at home.
"A nation that kills it's own children, is a nation without hope." (Pope John Paul II)
"To legislate morality, you legislate immorality at the same time with the same law." (Jerome F. Roth)
God Help Us
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