Monday, January 17, 2011


To the left, we have U.S. Congressman Al Green (D) from Texas. Rep. Green has introduced a Bill to Congress that will afford temporary protection to illegal Pakistani aliens. To the right, we have a picture that explains why!!!

It comes as no surprise that it would be Texas Representative Al Green who would introduce a Bill to grant temporary protection to illegal Pakistanis here in America. From the picture above right, it appears that the Pakistani population supported Al Green in his run for U.S. Congress, and this is some kind of pay back for their support. I mean, if President Obama can break the laws of bribery and shred the constitution in order to repay his supporters, why not Al Green? Never mind the fact that well.....they are illegal, and do we know exactly how many of them there are, and or how did they get here in the first place? Could they have sneaked across our southern border with Mexico? You know the border that's so secure according to Janet Napolitano. I really can't help but ask; just how temporary is temporary protection? After all, 75% of the illegal Mexican aliens in America were once supposedly temporary migrant workers who just happened to lose their sense of direction when it came time to go home. So their temporary status is now what? Permanent??? Who knows??? Are American citizens going to be encouraged to learn a new phrase, something like "Permanent Illegal Alien", that of course would encompass all illegals from where-ever, regardless of how they managed to creep into this country.

America has always been the most benevolent country on the planet, so we created special laws for special situations. For instance America has in the past granted temporary asylum to immigrants (legal) from war torn countries, especially countries that we have contributed to their internal upheaval. One must remember however, these immigrants were officially invited guests of the United States, they weren't interlopers. Many of them were allowed to remain, they assimilated, and studied, learned the English language, and became productive citizens. The thing thats sets these invited guests apart from illegals is, the fact that any person or persons from another country deem it necessary to sneak into this country under the cover of night, tells me that they are already intent on breaking our laws, in retrospect, they already did, the moment they crossed our border without permission. I don't care where you come from, if you are in America illegally, then you have already knowingly committed a crime, and in my mind, you would not hesitate to commit another crime in order to maintain you present status. That makes you unwelcome!!

Let's keep in mind, before you call me a racist, these Pakistanis are of the Muslim faith. Also remember that Pakistani Muslim men are partial to child brides, but they aren't partial to the nationality of their child bride, or parental permission. Also a point to ponder, as the good and peaceful members of the Islamic faith, they also have a healthy and blatant disregard for women's rights, especially brides. These Muslim peace lovers are not adverse to the practice of beating their wives into submission. A fair warning, keep hold of your young daughters if you live in a neighborhood of illegal Pakistanis, because as soon as word gets out that they have been granted temporary protection, they will not hesitate to come forward and begin making demands on the neighborhood. One thing you can count on when dealing with Muslims, especially ones that are somehow protected, is that they will become bold, outspoken and extremely demanding. Don't believe me, wait and see, you won't have to take my word for it for very long.

If you have a Congressman or Senator, now would be a good time to make a call to his or her office, and try to stop this suicidal, insane, temporary protection Bill from passing. Hind sight is always 20/20, you have been alerted. Make the call, send the email, write the letter, it may be too late to write the letter.

God Help Us

Sincerely, "The Watchman"

Ulla Tempore' Ullo Situ

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