Thursday, August 5, 2010


Is anyone in California upset? Why aren't the voters in California gathering in the streets from one end of that state to the other with torches and pitchforks. Are the people of California or the people of this country for that matter, aware of what Judge Vaughn Walker did to them yesterday? Oh yes people, the judge did stick it to you on a grand scale! A U.S. District Court Judge just stole, and or nullified over seven million votes, and voters. He made you irrelevant and single handedly put you in your place. Now, I'm not exactly sure why Judge Walker did what he did, there are I'm sure, a number of reasons. One could be, because he himself is openly gay, and he wanted to make a statement to all the straight voters out there. The other could be, perhaps he plans on marrying his own guy-pal, and he already ordered the rainbow colored Tinkerbell brides maids dresses, or tuxedos, and it's too late to get his deposit back. Whatever the reason, you can bet it isn't because the law banning gay marriage in California, is unconstitutional. The law does however, interfere with the gay agenda. Doesn't it upset anyone that less and 3 percent of the population is dictating policy to the rest of the nation? It bothers the heck out of me!!! It's not the fact that gays want to get married, although the thought is rather repugnant, and regardless of what they say, it's not a normal healthy lifestyle. It's the fact that one person assumes he has the power, and the right to steal the votes of seven million voters. More disturbing, the people appear to be going along with this travesty of justice. I know, the people of the state of California will of course appeal Judge Walker's ruling, but they have to appeal it to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which by the way, is the Judicial house of Liberal/Progressives, so, we pretty much know what that decision is going to be. Is there ever going to be an end to the blatant usurpation of the people's rights, and authority?
What ever happened to judges that used their power to enforce the laws passed by "We The People"? Judges aren't appointed, or elected to legislate from the bench. It is not up to a District Court Judge to determine if a law is unconstitutional or not. The Supreme Court is asked to do that at both the State and Federal level. One biased judge does not a Supreme Court make. No, one man in this nation has been given the power by the people to deem a law duly passed by the people to decide what is constitutional or not. A judges place is not to change the law, but to enforce the laws as written in a judicious manner, until that time when the law is changed, and or amended by the people.
It is my understanding that even appointed judges can be impeached for ruling either incompetently, or basing a judgement on self bias. It was always my understanding that judges were not to allow personal bias to influence decisions made from the bench. Has Lady Justice removed the blindfold in this country. What ever happened to equal justice under the law? Has it been replaced by social justice? Is America no longer a nation of laws? Are we now a nation of men. Justice, in order to work correctly and fairly, must remain blind.
People in California, and the Nation need to be up-in-arms over this judges gall, and his ruling!!!.

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