Saturday, August 7, 2010


I don't know about you America, but I'm getting really long in the tooth for this blame it all on George Bush excuse from the White House, and Congress. So I did some research, and I found enough information to set the record straight.
Headline: November 9, 2006, Democrats Will Have The Majority In Both Houses!!! The story went on to mention that Dems will have a 51 vote majority in the Senate, and at least a 40 vote majority in the house. That count and amount translates to: Republicans no longer control the purse strings. When you take into consideration that the president does NOT control or enact spending bills, the conclusion is that George W. Bush, could not have been responsible for any spending between January 2007-2008. Congress however, is another story all together.
In my research, I found that some huge increases in spending occurred in the budgets from 2007-2009. In the 2007 budget US income was 2.4 trillion dollars, but the spending was 2.8 trillion dollars. In the 2008 budget US income was 2.66 trillion dollars, but the spending was 2.9 trillion dollars. In the 2009 budget US income was 2.7 trillion dollars, and the spending was 3.1 trillion dollars. See the pattern here, in each of those consecutive years, our government was spending billions of dollars more than they were taking in. Now here's where it gets good. Barack Obama is now president, the House and Senate still have the super majority, Republicans are helpless to stop any spending bills. So let's look at the 2010 budget, US income 2.38 trillion dollars (down 11% from 2009), US Spending 2010 3.5 trillion dollars, an increase of (15.6%) over 2009. The present congress has not even attempted a budget for 2011, but according to the Congressional Budget Office, America's proposed deficit will rise from 11.9 trillion dollars 2009 to a whopping 15.1 trillion dollars in 2011.
The point is this, Barack Hussein Obama was elected to the United States Senate in 2005, so that makes him a Senator for all of 2006, 2007. It also means that Barack's democratic cronies have been in complete command of the House of Representatives, and the Senate for 2007 and 2008. If spending was a problem, how come Barack Obama didn't say anything about it when he was a Senator during the George Bush administration? Well, I'll tell you why, because Barack Obama was voting for all the spending bills right along with the other Democrats who controlled both houses.
The bottom line here is; Barack Obama's administration did inherit this budget crisis, and the out of control spending, but the Democrats did not inherit it from George W. Bush, they inherited it from themselves. Blaming the previous administration for all your problems is easy to do, but, when you and your present administration were the cause of the budget crisis, the blame by all rights falls on your own shoulders. One can only blame a previous president for the things that the previous president had control over. It was the Democrats in the House and Senate that drove our nation into a debt crisis, and it is the same people who are still driving this nation into a financial abyss.
Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, you can all blame the Bush administration for the problems you created, and are still creating. But, understand this, the American people aren't buying the tired excuse "it's Bush's fault" anymore.
Please pass this information along, because the closer we get to the November mid-term elections, the more Obama and his minions will be pushing the blame Bush rhetoric hot and heavy. After all, the lame excuse is all they have. As always though, there will be people you will listen to that excuse. It is our obligation to do all we can to disseminate the truth to those who are not as well informed as we are. Vote this November, and take someone with you to the polls. November may well be the last chance we have to save our Republic politically.

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