Monday, August 2, 2010


Once again, under the cloak of darkness, and by placing the mirrors and smoke in the right place, Barack Hussein Obama signed over America's sovereignty of our water ways, oceans and Great Lakes to the control of the United Nations. That's right folks, while America was intensely watching as Mel Gibson decided to leave the country, another party at the White House, and Obama defending the Health Care Insurance mandate as a tax, topped the news, Barry and Hilary, placed the control of our waterways into the hands of the International community.
On the afternoon of Monday, July 19, 2010, Barack Hussein Obama signed an Executive Order establishing the National Ocean Council. The establishment of this council was done under the guise of protecting America's waterways, but what it is, is Obama's way of enlisting the United States of America into the LOST, (Law of the Sea Treaty). A treaty that has been rejected time and time again, because by signing on to this treaty, America would be relinquishing waterway control to the International Community, which by the way is unconstitutional.
If you will, please go to the following website: , you will see the July19, 2010 Barack Obama Executive Order. Pay close attention to Section 1: Purpose: The terminology "Social Justice" pops up like a sore thumb. Also, pay close attention to Page 6, Sect. 9c: "Applied to International Law. The entire order is written so that one would read it as all good things, and with benefits for America and it's waterways. In actuality, the Executive Order cedes the control of sovereign waterways of no less than 31 states. If you live in a state that borders any of the Great Lakes, or major rivers, especially those large enough to be used for river commerce, well your state no longer controls the use of those waterways, the United Nations does. Some examples: Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, are all states that have shoreline on at least on of our Great Lakes. Wake up, it's not your shoreline anymore, it belongs to the international community. Washington State, Oregon, borders on both sides of the Columbia River, it's used for all type of commerce, from the logging industry, to the grain and paper industry. No longer will the waters of the Columbia, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, or the Kenai River in Alaska be sovereign to those states.
The president usurps the laws set forth in the constitution, and this isn't the first time, unfortunately, it won't be the last time. I have heard no outcry from wither Democrats, or Republicans on this latest executive order that has signed away another piece of America to the International Community. Where are our congressmen and senators? The truth is, America's entire legislative branch of government has been rendered irrelevant by Barack Obama.
America is in dire straights, this administration must be stopped, or we will all be leasing land from someone in the Netherlands, or Russia, or China. As America is slowly but surely being slipped into the International Community, we are a losing our rights to own private property, soon, individuals will own nothing, all you have now, by "equal justice" and through the redistribution of wealth, will belong to everyone.
We have a mid-term election this November, I suggest that if you want to retain your property and possessions, that you get informed, and ask the candidate of your choice where he/she stands on "social Justice, and redistribution of wealth. If they are in favor of either one, or both, run them out of town on a rail. Vote conservative Christian. The country you save, will be your own!!!
God Help Us!!!

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