Wednesday, November 3, 2010


What we're looking at, is the new Red Sea. This is what we've all been praying for. Now, the real work begins. We conservatives have taken the House and evened things up a little in the Senate. (Praise God from Whom all blessings flow). The real work I'm talking about is holding these newly elected servants of the people to their campaign promises. We must remember that as conservatives and Christians, we did not elect these men and women because we wanted them to compromise with the lefty progressives, but instead to fight against their progressive goals. Compromise is not an answer, and it is not the answer "We The People" just gave Obama and his minions. We must do all we can to keep our new conservative officials from turning to the dark side under the guise of accepting the democrat olive branch.

We all know that controlling the House of Representatives is not the be all and end all of legislative power. It is emboldening though that conservatives gained some seats in the Senate, and along with the Independents, conservative values may well be considered in all facets of new and existing legislation. I don't believe there will be anymore Socialist agenda laws or programs being forced down the throats of the American people, after January 2011, that is. Dealing with our current dictator wanna-be president is a whole other story. President Obama has made no bones about his Socialist/Communist agenda, and many of his Progressive cronies either kept the congressional seats, or attained a couple of new ones. By that I mean, we can not make the mistake in thinking that all the Republicans that have been newly elected are staunch conservatives. We must understand that Progressives have infiltrated both parties in this country. Senators McCain and Graham are prime examples of Republican Progressives. We must make sure that those two do not co-opt our newly elected. The TEA Party's work is just beginning. It will be imperative that we conservatives keep the newly elected on notice, and that they will only have a short reign, if they turn on "We The People."

President Obama will pretend that he has heard the people, but keep in mind, to Obama and the rest of the Progressives, we the people are much to stupid to make decisions on our own. Progressives feel that only they know what is in the people's best interest, and they will not stop trying to rule us as though we were a bunch of uneducated louts. If Obama can not get his way by feigning bipartisanship, he will use his power of Executive Order to accomplish his agenda. If this happens, "We The People" will once again have a big decision to make. Should the president use his Executive Order to push his Progressive/Socialist agenda, we have but two choices: Remove the dictatorial powers, or remove the dictator. Know this, Obama will not back down. Enough said for now.

From the results of the mid-term elections it appears that the voters in California have still not had enough of their state government's Socialist, global warming/green economy yet. They have managed to re-elect Barbara Boxer, and they have elected the infamous Jerry "the moonbeam" Brown as their new Governor. Californians will just never learn. It's okay though, Jerry Brown says he's full of energy and full of ideas for California's green economy, in my opinion, energy and ideas isn't all he's full of!!! Good luck California, I hope that your new Governor can pull you folks out of the financial hole you've dug for yourselves. With your sanctuary cities, free everything for illegal aliens, and your exorbitant taxes on fuel and energy as you try to justify your new green California. I only hope you won't expect the rest of the nation to bail you out of your stupid, idiotic and self-inflicted energy and immigration debacles.

By the same token, obviously Nevada's 14% unemployment isn't high enough. They have re-elected the scourge of the state Harry Reid back into office. There is a Ron White saying; "you can't fix stupid" and from the looks of the votes in Nevada, that saying fits to a T. We were going to vacation in Nevada this winter, but I think we'll spend our money elsewhere. I refuse to give one penny to a state that is being held hostage by the SEIU. I personally refuse to negotiate with terrorists, and the SEIU are certainly terrorists that are holding the good people of Nevada hostage. Once again, good luck Nevada, please don't expect the rest of the nation to bail you out of your financial woes either. Ask Andy Stern or George Soros, they have all the money and power to save you. Nevada voters are willing to bet on their state's future. One would think that a state where gambling is the driving force of their economy, that they would not gamble with their own livelyhood, but it appears that that is exactly what they did. There is no honor among thieves and you have sold yourselves out to Harry Reid and the SEIU. The odds don't look so good for state employment recovery, the voters saw to that. Good luck, Nevada, your going to need it.

Congratulations to the Republican Conservatives and to the TEA Party for their efforts in attaining this Conservative Victory.


"The Watchman"

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