Saturday, November 6, 2010


Sharia Law In America

Can't Happen Here!

Think Again!!!

The voters of the Great State of Oklahoma passed a law forbidding the use of Sharia Law in any court for any reason within their state. Bravo, Kudos, Congratulations and God bless Oklahoma. That's right, on November 2, 2010 while the rest of the country was caught up in watching the Republicans trounce the Democrats in the mid-term, the legislative body of Oklahoma was one step ahead of the rest of America. I do not want to diminish the victory of the TEA Party Patriots, as I am one of them. But, Oklahoma along with Missouri and Louisiana now have laws that forbid the use of international law in their courts, Oklahoma's law states "Sharia" can never be used in the courts of their state. Thank you Oklahoma, as specificity is the key here. Of course it is no surprise that CAIR is vehemently suing Oklahoma, stating the their new law is unconstitutional as it infringes on freedom of religion. Islam will use this every time, even though according to the Qu'ran Muslims will not and can not obey man made law. Isn't it uncanny that they will use America's constitution only when it suits their agenda? Muslims are a deceitful bunch to say the least. Islam will use all means possible to further their campaign to establish Sharia in the west, even if it means they have to take advantage of laws they will not obey themselves. Being the tolerant and politically correct people we Americans are, we will protect our enemies on our own soil. Islam's goal is to destroy our constitution and our laws, by using them against us, and we allow it. Is it any wonder why so many Muslims are flocking to the shores of the good old USA? America, what a country!!!

It is the obligation of every one of the fifty states to introduce legislation and pass laws against the establishment of, and or use of Islamic Sharia law in the courts, and also forbidding the consideration of the rules set forth in the Qu'ran when making local rules and laws in each state. Like I said, specificity is the key. Sharia Law must be mentioned, and singled out in any state legislation as Sharia is violent, archaic, and barbaric in nature. Not to mention, the use if Sharia Law imposes government sanctioned religion upon the people of America, which is in fact forbidden by the U.S. Constitution's 1st Amendment. This is America, it's time to take a stand and act like Americans. We do not want a Socialist/Communist/Progressive government, and we do not want Islam/Muslim/Sharia Law imposed upon us either. No other recognized religion on American soil encourages the annihilation of any people in any country, nor does any other religion in America impose forced doctrinal laws on American citizens. Islam is the only so-called religion that encourages the murder of innocent non-believers. I have always contended that Islam is not a religion, it is a government, and there can be no establishment of any foreign government in America, that usurps the power of the Constitution of the United States. To-wit, no so-called religion that advocates the destruction of non-believers should be allowed to thrive in America. Freedom of religion is one thing, allowing murderers into our home is another.

I never, ever thought it would come to this, but I am afraid that it is time define with more specificity what a religion is, and establish guidelines as to what America can actually accept as a religion to be established and practiced on our soil. No religion to date, with the exception of Islam condones and encourages the murder of non-believers. This one example of Islam alone, should be enough to ban Islam and Sharia from ever being recognised as a faith to be welcomed in America. The safety and integrity of our nation and all the other peaceful established religions being practice in America are at risk. Allowing Islam to flourish in America is detrimental to all that America has stood for for over 200 years. Islam is the total antitheses of the U.S. Constitution, are we willing to allow Islam to undermine the laws we have long established? Recognising Islam and it's Sharia Law, is an affront to all civilized nations and to all the peaceful religions of the world. Endorsing Islam as a religion, is an affront to the established Christian and Jewish faiths, and to all other faiths in America, that do no harm. Muslims will tell you that "Islam" means submission, if you want to see slavery return to America, then go ahead, turn a blind eye, and live in denial. Soon, you will be wearing the chains and the yoke of the submission to Islam.

This has been an alert, a warning, if you will, from "The Watchman"


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