Saturday, October 2, 2010


Sharia and Women, Sharia and Gays

Okay, so where are all those Human Rights Activists every time a new Mosque is constructed?
According to the Qu'ran, a woman counts as only 1/2 of a man in court, as witness, or in matters of inheritance. According to the Qu'ran and Sharia Law, it is a husbands right and duty to beat his wife if she is disobedient or he perceives she is disobedient. In Islamic Sharia state, women can not chose their own husbands, she can not chose were she would like to live, and she can not chose her own clothing (not that the options are that great). According to the Qu'ran, polygamy is permitted up to 4 wives, girls as young a 9 years old can be forced into marriage. Muhammad was 53 when he married a 9 year old girl. Men/husbands are permitted to have concubines and female slaves.
According to the Qu'ran and Hadith, Muhammad condemns homosexuals to death. Muhammad said: " Kill the one who sodomizes and the one who lets it be done to him". More than 4,000 homosexuals have been executed in Iran since their revolution in 1979, and in Afghanistan, 10 public executions have been held by the Taliban.
So, once again I ask, where are the human rights organizations and their protests at the Mosques being erected in communities all over America? Please don't try to tell me that these activist organizations have somehow discovered respect for freedom of religion!!! If it were the Catholic Church or any Protestant Church in America, these human and civil rights activists would be all over it. Has it anything to do with fear of Muslim reprisal? I think it has. I don't see the ACLU protesting anything that has to do with Islam in America. Does anyone think for a minute that the ACLU would give a pass to a Christian church or religion? Me either!!!
Here is a list of women's rights organizations: N.O.W. (National Organization of Women), MADRE(an International Women's Rights Organization), G.F.W. (Global Fund for Women) and last but certainly not least, Ms. Foundation for Women.
I have yet to see any of these women's rights organizations protesting, or even quietly carrying signs at the Mosque ground breaking's or at the city, county or even state meeting concerning the construction of a local Mosque. Why is that? Considering the fact that women have a right to be treated as autonomous human beings and for this reason alone, Misogynistic Political Islam and it's imposition of Sharia Law should and must be opposed by all citizens of free nations. But, they aren't, not by anyone but informed Christians and conservatives, the rights organizations are standing quietly in the background like good little Dhimmi women. Maybe, that's exactly what these women's rights organizations want, to be treated like slaves by their Muslim male masters.
Now, how about the homosexual community? It is no secret that Qu'ran believing Muslims torture and then hang homosexuals, but here in America, do you see any Gay rights activists protesting a construction sites of Mosques. Here in Murfreesboro, TN., the students from Middle Tennessee State University are lending support for the proposed Mosque. The students have been so indoctrinated, that they actually think that Islam is a real and valid religion. I wonder, where is the MTSU branch/chapter of IGLYO (International Gay, Bi-sexual,Transgendered, Queer Youth and Students Organization)? There must be a chapter at MTSU. You just know that they can't possibly be in favor of a so-called religion that insists that indulging in homosexual pleasures should carry the death penalty, and that gays should be subject to public execution. Here are just a few Homosexual Rights Organizations: LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual&Transgendered), ILGA (International Lesbian, Gay Association), ILHRC (International Gay, Lesbian Human Rights Commission) and last, but not least IGLYO (International Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgendered, Queer Youth and Student Organization). None of these organizations as far as I am aware, were at any meeting, or protest standing up for what they profess to believe in. I find it appalling, and very, very cowardly.
Considering what Islam and Sharia stand for, and against, I find it very difficult to understand the absence of these civil and human rights advocate organizations. I can only assume that it is much, much easier to protest Christians and Jews, than it is to protest Muslims, and safer too boot. What a pathetic bunch of women and gays we have in this country.
If you know someone who is either gay, or involved in any women's rights organization, please pass my blog post along to them. I would be most interested in hearing an explanation of their absence and silence.
God Help This Country
Sincerely, "The Watchman"

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