Wednesday, September 29, 2010


NEWSWEEK: August 27, 2010: "What To Make of Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes"

I searched through news stories over the past weeks, and I could find no legitimate hate crimes committed against Muslims. Okay, there is a story that a man urinated on some prayer rugs in a Mosque (as far as we know he could have been a drunk Muslim), a New York city wacko stabbed a cab driver because allegedly he found out the cabbie was a Muslim. From what I understand, if you're in a cab, and you're in New York city, then there is a 90% chance the driver is Muslim. (My guess, he would have stabbed the driver regardless of his professed faith). The big crime on a Muslim Mosque was in California, where an Imam arrived to find his Mosque had graffiti on it. Has anyone been to LA lately? You need to show me a building that doesn't have some kind of graffiti on it. If your building has an empty wall, and you're in a major city in California, sooner of later there will be graffiti on it. It's not a hate crime against Muslims, it's what the degenerate street gangs do in California cities, and in major cities around the country. (Some liberal politician told them it was an art form, so now streetgangs are under the impression that all of us normal people want to look at their disgusting graffiti and admire their talent.)
Perspective please!!! Why is it that when Muslims kill over 3,000 Americans in the worst terrorist attack on American soil, it's not called a hate crime? To me, it's pretty obvious that these Muslim perpetrators didn't kill all those people, because they were feeling the "Allah Love Tingle for Infidels." Or how about the Christmas Day "Muslim Butt Bomber", was it his love for Americans, Christians and Jews that made him want to blow up and entire plane of innocents? Oh, and let's not forget the Times Square Muslim Car Bomber, he must have really been one of the most tolerant of Muslims. We were fortunate he was also an idiot, incapable of lighting a fuse. I understand that this inept follower of Islam wasn't able to pull off his assigned duty, but do you really want to tell me that the dufus was intent on making a love gesture? I mean, he really did want to blow up Americans, he was just too stupid to know how. How about that entire terror cell that was busted in the UK last year? Do you think they were planning on blowing up all those trans-Atlantic flights full of people because they have this undying love for Europeans and Americans?
I believe I've made my point, Muslims have perpetrated more hate crimes on Jews, Christians, Atheists and their fellow Arabs than have ever been perpetrated on them. Where do these Muslims come from, where are they trained and where are they taught and recruited? Mosques, that's where. How did the president of Turkey put it? Oh yes; "The Mosques are our barracks, the domes are our helmets, the minarets our spears, and the followers inside are our army." Peaceful religion you say? I say BULL!!! I say the Mosques are exactly what the man said they are. The sooner the American people wake up to the fact that these Muslims are actually telling you what they are, who they are and what they are planning to do, the sooner we can put a stop to the practice of Islam in America. Islam, as I've said before is NOT a religion. It is however, a total controlling false god, faith based government unto itself. Muslims are not building their Mosques in communities around America for the betterment of American-Islamic relationships. The Mosques are being built to do what they have always done, everywhere they exist, and that is preach, and teach hatred of all who are not believers. It is not the Muslim goal to assimilate, but to infiltrate, and conquer each community where they are allowed to build a Mosque.
Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for CAIR, (Center for American-Islamic Relations), an organization by the way that has suspect association to many Muslim terrorist groups, had this to say. "Anti-Muslim sentiment in the U.S. is skyrocketing." Ibrahim Hooper actually sounded surprised, why the surprise? Muslims brutally murdered 3,000 innocent people when they attacked the World Trade Center Towers, and now they want to construct a mega-Mosque just a couple of blocks away from the "Hate Crime Scene of all time". Doesn't the fact that Muslim's traditionally build celebration Mosques upon places they have conquered, ring a bell with him? I mean c'mon, they want to call it the "Cordoba House", look it up. In Cordoba Spain, after conquering the city of Cordoba, the Muslims tore down a Christian Church and built a giant Mosque on top of the ruins. Not unlike their actions at the Temple Mount. It is what Muslims do, they do not care that innocent people, men, women and yes children are murdered, because they do it for the glory of Allah.
The practice of Islamic worship must be stopped in America if our liberty and freedom is to endure. The threat of Islamic/Shariah law is real my fellow Americans, very real. We need to recognise Islam for what it truly is, and for what they truly intend to do. Like it or not, admit it or not, we are engaged in a holy war. Good versus Evil. It's here, it's now.
If Ibrahim Hooper wants to know why there is anti-Muslim sentiment, I'll be happy to enlighten him. But I won't have, in his mind and in his heart, he knows why, yes he knows why!!!
Sincerely, "The Watchman"

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