Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FBI aye, aye, aye,aye....Aye!!!!

FBI---Federal Bureau Of Investigation, right, that is what the badge says, isn't it? Then how may I ask can the FBI take a Hamas unindicted co-conspirator on a tour of the FBI's counter-terrorism center? Perhaps FBI really means: Fat, Bald and Ignorant... I'm just saying!!!

Who would have ever thought that here in America, where we are at war with Muslim Terrorists, we have our Elite Law Enforcement organization reaching out to the Muslim community. Hey, since Obama has been Commander In Chief, the Chinese have toured on the U.S. Navy's most advanced nuclear sea going vessels, and now Islam has first hand knowledge of the FBI's entire counter terrorism center. (What a country this is). Why should any other country, friend or foe train spies of their own? This administration is giving the secrets away to the first Muslim terrorist that wants to tour the FBI headquarters. When Barack Hussein Obama said he was going to have the most transparent administration that ever graced Washington, D.C., I thought he meant transparent to the American people. I guess Obama figures that if he just supplies the secret information to the enemy, then there is no need to have a counter terrorism center, because the FBI won't have anyone or anything to counter terrorize, except maybe some of us TEA party people. I have to be going nuts, I just can't believe there even exists a FBI Terrorist Outreach program. I wonder if they gave Sheikh Kifah Mustapha a complimentary map of all our nuclear missile silos, just in case he found it necessary to built a Mosque close to one, sometime in the very near future. If the Sheikh plays his cards right, Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd may be able to get him a deal on some near silo property financing (Sharia Compliant, of course), through Fanny or Freddy. If that doesn't work, the new American Kalif Barack may be able to line him up with Tony Rezko. You just never know, do you? Maybe, now that the FBI trusts their new Muslim friends, they can just give the keys to the silos to their respective Imams for safe keeping. FBI, what a joke, only it isn't very funny. I'm not laughing, but I am sure crying on the inside.

Just in case you don't believe me about this go here: in their search box, just type in FBI. Read it for yourself.

Think America isn't becoming Sharia compliant? Think again!!!


"The Watchman"

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