Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Satanists Hold Ritual to Mock Christianity in Oklahoma City | The Blaze

Think our nation doesn't need a revival of the Christian church, check out the above link, the Bible doesn't lie, and it's prophecies are always fulfilled.

The public worship of Satan has begun, God help us. Why Oklahoma City, why not? For thousands of years, the Satanists have worshipped their lord of the underworld. For thousands of years, they have been a secret society, keeping a low profile, staying out of the public eye. Not anymore, now that our country has turned it's back on Jesus, our Saviour, the Satanists feel safe. In America we are now tolerant of Islam, one of the most violent, and vile religions that ever existed on the face of the earth. In America, as in Europe the practice of Islam, the worshipping of the false prophet Muhammad, and the false god Allah has become commonplace. Our politicians are forcing the citizens to not only tolerate and accept this Islam, but to condone it's practices. Yes, Satan has a hold on America, and the world. The once closeted Satanists are no longer fearful of retribution from the Christian church, and they have been emboldened by the mandate of political correctness. My God, what have we come to??? The mere fact that this Church of Satan group was able to secure permission from the city, to use the downtown Civic Center to perform anti-Christian Satanic rituals, is beyond my comprehension. There was a tiny group of Christians protesting outside the Civic Center, but the group was small, very small. Either the local Christian churches weren't aware that this Satanic ritual was to take place, or the Christian churches in Oklahoma City are so involved in themselves and in mandated tolerance, that there was no Godly organized protest, only a small few chose to take a stand for Jesus. Not only were these Satanists obviously welcomed with open arms by the powers that be in Oklahoma City, but the city actually placed public law enforcement officers to make sure the Satanists were secure in their building and during their worship of the Devil. That's right America, your tax payer dollars are now supporting the worshippers of Satan. Where does it end? It doesn't!
We all know where this will lead, don't we? First we are forced to tolerate Islam, tolerate and and condone homosexuality, and now, we as citizens will be forced to accept Satanism as an alternate mainstream religion, with all the rights afforded to all other religions in America. Remember, you heard it here first. These Satanists will not go away, they, just as the Muslims, are emboldened to come out in public, and force the toleration of Satan worship as something normal. Under the Hate Crimes Law, the Christian churches will not be allowed to preach against Satan anymore, as now the Satanists will be protected under the law. This is the Devil's plan. The establishment of the Hate Crimes Law, that was signed by Barack Hussein Obama is concieved by Lucifer himslf, make no mistake about it! The ground work for the coming of the Anti-Christ is being laid. It is imperative to understand that Islam and evil go hand in hand. With every passing day, evil is grasping for a stronger grip on this world. Don't believe me? You need to read the Bible, evil exists in many forms upon this earth. Satan reigns here, and the weaker Christians get, the stronger Satan becomes. Evil is all around us, and there are so many people that are totally oblivious of the devil's presence. People who are self absorbed in gagets, and personal problems that they can not see that Satan is touching their lives every day. Listen, there are many, many elected officials in Washington that are apostates of the Devil, some unknowingly, and some not. The time is coming when we Christians will have to worship our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ under the cover of darkness. Unless of course Christians around the globe cast aside foolish adherents to various religions doctrines, and unite a the family of Jesus Christ and the children of God and take a stand. Christians, we are quickly running out of time.

Tolerance, apathy, ignorance of truth will surely bring about the demise of America, and the Christian church. Do not hide in your Bible, but hold it in front and above you as a shield and a weapon against the darkness coming our way.

This is a warning to you from "The Watchman"

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