Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Progressive Auto Insurance, ISN'T JUST INSURANCE ANYMORE

Progressive Auto Insurance - Car Insurance Quotes Plus Boat, RV and Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

Progressive Auto Insurance has it's own agenda. For those who don't realize it, if you are purchasing your auto insurance from Progressive, you are supporting the Gay and Lesbian Agenda, not only in America, but everywhere Progressive Insurance is sold. Don't believe me? Click on the Progressive Ad link above.

Now, hear ye!, hear ye!, hear ye! Moral Relativism has arrived in America, it is official, it is against the law to bully and or harass homosexuals, like an endangered species, gays and lesbians are government protected. We can add them to the list of the protected along with blacks, Hispanics and Muslims. I can only imagine how that list will grow in the next two years of the Obama administration. When you think about it, you can remember when you were in school how bullying was pretty much an equal opportunity sport. Now that gays, lesbians, transsexuals, blacks, Hispanics and Muslims are strictly verboten (forbidden), who can the bullies pick on? The same kids they always picked on. The bullies still have the chubby boys and girls, the not very pretty or handsome, the kids with the crooked teeth. What about the kids that can't afford to buy the latest trendy clothes? When I was a kid, I was picked on, but only until I decided to stick up for myself. It was then that the bullying stopped. It is impossible to teach children self preservation if they are being protected from their surroundings. Yes, bullying is one of the "rites of passage" for a child growing up. Survival, it's the most important thing a parent can teach a child. There will be no protections out there in the real world. We as a nation have raised a multitude of wimps. If you don't allow the strong to be strong, who is then going to protect the weak?

My intention for this Blog post was to write totally about "Moral Relativism". Moral relativism is when someone, more than likely a politician or civic official decides who, and what requires the most special rights and the most protection under the law, by way of the loudest whining special interest group. Back in the day, Christianity and the adherence to the Ten Commandments pretty much covered the difference between right and wrong. Unfortunately, we are now living in a country that for all intensive purposes, has turned it's back on God, and God's Commandments. Our Progressive government is now the people's god. Man sets the rules now, and government is worshipped and depended upon by the majority of people. The government provides food, shelter, money, health care, loans, industry, energy, protection and a multitude of other items that mankind deems as necessities. God, is out, government is in. We have only ourselves to blame, and that's a fact!!! I remember when all things were blessings that God bestowed upon us, and it was to God we gave the praise and glory and thanks. Now, it is the government who grants rights to the populace. We the People have ceded our unalienable, God given rights for a modicum of false governmental security. I guess that means unalienable doesn't mean unalienable, does it? Unalienable: Not to be separated, given away, or taken away. We have relinquished our freedom and our liberty so that we might live in a nanny state, once again, we are slaves to our own government. When once we had the right to pursue happiness, the government now tells us when and where and how we can attain that happiness. Pathetic, isn't it?
There will be the few who realize that the only way back to a free democratic republic will be the same way George Washington won our freedom from England. There will be the many who will not, because they do not value their freedom enough to fight to regain it. There will be those who have grown accustomed and comfortable in their chains. Will America ever be the same? I have my fears and my doubts, unless we can take back our nation by whatever means necessary. The future is laid out before us, and in the future I am afraid, there will be no place for America the free Republic, unless we the people reserve that place. If We The People do not take a stand, the One World Order of Multi-culturalism, global citizenry, governed by way of moral relativism will swallow up the United States of America like a giant black hole swallows entire galaxies. Like the Roman and Greek Empires, like the American Indian, we too, will fall into the abyss. History will not recall what America was, as our history is already being erased from the annuls, as I am writing this Blog. Can we ever turn this around, I have my serious doubts. We need more George Washingtons, Thomas Jeffersons, John Adams' and William Paines. I can see none of these on the horizon. Perhaps one day, in the future, perhaps...
We all need to make this last stand to save our nation, will it work? I don't know, but we must try. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! November 2, 2010.
This is an Alert from "The Watchman"
God Help Us All

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