Friday, October 29, 2010

Maher: Americans Are ‘Too Stupid…They‘re Like a Dog’ | The Blaze

And he calls Americans Stupid!!!

Bill Maher is the epitome of ignorance, in the picture above he shows the number designator for his I.Q., I believe that's the number 1 he's holding up. There are but a few people that I have disdain for, and Bill Maher is at the top of the list. I think Mr. Maher is actually running for the title of "Most Contemptuous Man." Kudos Bill, you no longer need to campaign for that title, you've won!!!

Never in the field of entertainment has one man accomplished so little after so long. Mr. Maher has tried being a comic, but he never was funny. Now he is trying to be a commentator of sorts, but he doesn't have the intellectual ability to carry off that field of endeavor either. There is no telling what this dim-wit will try next. I mean seriously folks, have any of you ever listened to more than a couple of minutes of this dope's tripe? If Bill Maher ever had a thought of his own, it would be the loneliest thing in the world.

He doesn't believe in God, so in his eyes all Christians and Jews are idiots. I for one can hardly wait for judgement day, the look on Maher's face, will certainly be an expression to remember. Perhaps his hell will be a room full of mirrors where his "Oh my there is a God" expression is permanently reflected at him, regardless of the direction he is looking. It really amazes me that he is as popular as he is. Obviously, those who laugh at Maher's disgusting attempts at jocularity must be charter members of the degenerate club.

In all honesty, I feel sorry for the man. On a brightness scale, he's a "two watt", at best. The TV station that continues to air his program must be so used to scraping the bottom of the barrel, that Bill Maher's humor looks good to them. Perhaps that entertainment company should follow a new direction, maybe garbage pick-up. Nawww, that would just give a bad name to those who actually do refuse and waste management. I know of no self respecting land fill that would have Bill Maher as an occupant.

Did this Blog post sound like a roast of Bill Maher? I certainly hope so! Please click on the link above to listen to a true, died in the wool idiot speak. There is no doubt that some village, somewhere is missing their idiot, and HBO Real Time Television has found him.
This has been a message from "The Watchman"

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