Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It was very disheartening for me to hear that the NRA was seriously considering making a positive endorsement of "Dirty" Harry Reid for re-election to the Senate, from the state of Nevada. It appears that Harry has pulled the wool over the eyes of Wayne LaPierre, and a number of other NRA executives. I know that Harry Reid managed to pork-barrel some $61 million for a shooting range in Clark County Nevada. My question is: Is that all it takes for an extremely left wing Senator to get the endorsement of the NRA? Doesn't Harry's past behavior toward the rest of the U.S. Constitution mean anything? I understand that the NRA never professed to be anything but a "single issue" of concern organization. The NRA has bravely, and courageously defended America's Second Amendment, they have pursued and valiantly succeeded in winning rights for shooters, and gun owners, and firearms collectors. I applaud them for their efforts, that's why I've been a member for over twenty years. I am proud of that membership, because after all, the NRA wouldn't be the NRA without the membership. I feel somewhat betrayed because no one from the NRA leadership asked me if I wanted to endorse Harry Reid. I think that any organization that depends upon the membership for funding, owes that membership an opportunity to vote on what candidate should get the endorsement. By arbitrarily endorsing Harry Reid, implies that the NRA membership endorses Harry Reid. I'm going to put myself out on a limb here, but I'd bet one of my annual dues checks, that the NRA membership as a whole, would be very much against a blanket endorsement of Harry Reid. While we're at it, I don't think you could get a majority of the membership to endorse Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Chris Dodd, or Barney Frank either. If the NRA endorses even one of those candidates I mentioned, they may as well endorse all the left-wing Progressives, and soon there will be no need for an NRA, as there will be no guns, and no Second Amendment to defend.

With all due respect to Wayne LaPierre, I can understand a modicum of loyalty to a Senator who was capable of securing $61 million for a shooting range. On the other hand, that $61 million may well have been used for something a little more important, like making sure the children of Nevada learn the truth about this nation's founding fathers. There is plenty of wide open range in Nevada where parents can instruct their children in the safe and sane use of firearms. Selling the NRA endorsement, is selling out the membership, and the American people.

It is time for the NRA to move beyond the single issue, the United States is different today, than it was even ten years ago. We are living in a time, and with an administration whose apparent intent, is to shred the very Constitution that contains the second amendment. Barack Obama, and many of his minions have made no bones about their distaste for guns, and gun owners in America. The present administration views gun owners as a threat. The Progressive government knows they can't control a nation that is armed. Make no mistake, controlling the people is a huge part of the Progressive agenda. I believe is was Thomas Jefferson who said: "Those who hammer their guns into plowshares, will plow for those who did not." In my opinion, a vote for any left wing, Progressive/Socialist incumbent, is a vote to place another nail into the coffin of the United States Constitution. It's time for the NRA to take a stand for all Americans, gun owners or not. I ask you, what if George Washington had decided just to stay on his farm, instead of leading the Continental Army? What if Benjamin Franklin decided that all he wanted to do was invent things? There would be no 1st Amendment or 2nd Amendment, there would be no United States, no freedom, no liberty. What does that tell you NRA? Get involved, take a stand for all that is right and good. Help all Americans to cling to our Bibles, and our guns, and our entire Constitution. An endorsement of one Progressive, is an endorsement of the entire Progressive agenda.
I will, for the time being continue to keep my membership in the NRA, but I will no longer donate funds to the NRA Political Victory Fund. I encourage all members to withhold funding from the NRA-PVF until we know for sure that the funds will NOT go to the likes of Harry Reid, or any of his Progressive, Constitution hating cronies running for election, or re-election.

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