Saturday, July 10, 2010

Obama: Israelis suspicious of me because my middle name is Hussein - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Believe me Barry, it's not just your middle name that makes the Israeli's, or the rest of us for that matter suspicious about you! I mean, after all what's in a name anyway?

Let's take a look at a few things that make people suspicious of you, shall we? How about the fact that your entire life as reported by you, is a lie. You weren't born in the U.S., you certainly aren't Christian, you aren't African American, if there even is such a thing. How's that for starters? Hmmm, let's see you shoved your own white grandmother under the bus, you rarely if ever acknowledge the fact that you are half Caucasian. You went to Jeremiah Wright's church for twenty years, and didn't hear him say anything racist or incendiary about the United States. You said you didn't want to take away the guns from American citizens, but you voted for every anti-gun bill that was ever put on your desk. You were against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan when President Bush was in office, but you're not against them now, gee Mr. President, how does that work? You ran for President on the platform that you would pull all the troops out of the middle east within six months of your election, well, it's been over two years now, what happened? Is any of this ringing a bell? Do you still think it's just your middle name "Hussein" that makes people suspicious of you? Well, okay then Mr. President, how about you turning your back on Israel, or the fact that you told everyone in the world, that America is not a Christian nation, and what's worse, you said America was a Muslim nation. If I told you that the call to prayer from those ridiculous loud speakers was like music my ears, wouldn't that make you just a wee bit suspicious? Let's top this off with your latest obvious "I am a Muslim" move, you just told the new administrator of NASA, (now just to refresh your memory, NASA is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.) that his foremost duty is to reach out to the Muslim World, and find a way to make them feel good about themselves. "Looks like a duck,walks like a duck, talks like a duck" I'm sure you get my drift!!! If that cliche' doesn't work for, how about this one: "Birds of a feather."

Mr. President, it's your incessant badgering of the the American public about how wonderful and peaceful your Muslim religion is, when all the while they are blowing up, not only Christians and Jews around the world, but they are constantly planning ways to destroy Americans regardless of their faith. Oh yes, Barack Hussein Obama, people and nations are suspicious of you Sir, but it certainly isn't just your middle name that is raising the suspicions!!!

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