Thursday, July 8, 2010


Remember when the United States seemed to be a rock solid place to live? Remember when, if you worked hard, had a dream, that you actually had a fair chance to bring that dream to fruition? When you look at what's happening in our country today, do you feel a little confused, and a whole lot afraid? Well, as Americans, we have a lot to be confused about, and we have every reason to be more than a little afraid. Our house (America) is like a house of cards, and for a long time now there have been elements within our own government that have been tugging, and pulling at crucial cards. These elements have been attempting to shake our foundation, and weaken the load bearing walls. So, yes it is confusing and frightening. Allow me to attempt to clear up some of the confusion, but I would be remiss, if I said I could quell your fear, as I have the same fear, maybe even more so, because I have the time to research in more depth than most people. Let's just say I am seeing the short range future, and I'm not liking what I'm seeing. Suffice to say, our long range future will very much depend on the direction, and decisions we will make between now, and the end of this year 2010. So let's get started.
There are a few crucial points I have to make in order to set the ground work for my final analogy. Two or three years ago, one would call me a "Conspiracy Theorist", only because back then, it would have been a "conspiracy theory". I am now 99% sure that the theory part has fallen by the wayside, but believe me, the conspiracy part is alive, well, and prospering. Point one, if you have ever read Cloward & Piven, or are even a little familiar with their Socialist theories, then you know that the most important rule they dictate, is to overload the entitlement program. If you can manage to place more people into a government entitlement program than it can possibly support, that system will fold up quicker than an old rusty lawn chair. That particular rule can and is being applied to every entitlement program in this country. Up until the Obama administration, the implementation of Cloward & Piven has been quite gradual, but now, Obama and his Progressive minions are putting the pedal to the metal. Just a quick glance at America's entitlement programs, i.e., Social Security, Federal Loans, Medi-care, Medic-aid, High Risk low interest home loans. If they wasn't breaking down on their own, the programs are being nudged just enough to topple over by the Obama administration. Now, there is Obama Care, Cap & Trade, Global Warming Hoax, Green Jobs, Green Energy, Bio-Fuel farm subsidies. Bailout, after bailout, and government takeovers of a huge parts of industry, i.e., General Motors, and Chrysler. The government blames bad loans for the housing crisis, and yet they now own 90% of those bad mortgages, and are trying to remedy the crisis, by making more of the same loans. Over loading the programs, that's how you destroy a thriving free market economy. The Obama administration is spending trillions of dollars America doesn't have. They are overloading the monetary program, it's a simple thing to do, you just do what they are doing, you print more money, and you keep printing until you flood the market with worthless paper. Overload the financial program, and bring Capitalism to it's knees. A point to ponder: America is now consuming more goods than it manufactures. We are now a nation of consumers, but that also makes us a nation with less and less jobs. A nation with less jobs, and higher and higher unemployment means, we soon will not even consume. You will notice that this Obama administration isn't doing anything to rectify the unemployment situation, to the contrary, they are doing everything in their power to worsen the problem. Raising Taxes, Implementing huge unsustainable entitlement programs, enacting Energy laws that will literally break the back of the middle class, through 30-50% higher energy bills. You see, this is the method to their madness. Look at the Mexico/U.S. border problem, do you really think that Obama and his cronies care about all those illegals coming across, well, they don't care any more about them, than they do you. Do you see what the Federal Government is doing, they are suing the state of Arizona for implementing laws that the feds should already have been enforcing. What does this law suit do, it causes animosity between American citizens, and illegals. It's not the illegals this administration wants, it's the animosity they want. The federal government just dropped the charges against two obviously guilty Black Panthers. What does that cause? It causes animosity between Blacks and Whites. It's not Black Panthers that Obama is concerned with, its the animosity, that he wants to breed. You see, Obama is not black, he is Arab, Obama is not Christian, he is Muslim. So here is the bottom line, as I see it: Obama is using divisive tactics, and Cloward & Piven tactics in unison. He is overloading the programs, and adding new entitlement programs to add even more people too, none of which are financially sustainable. He is causing rifts between the races, the Mexicans the Blacks, and the European White Americans. United we can stand against this Progressive/Socialist regime, and Obama knows that. The more he can divide, the more he can conquer. Obama's agenda is to further Islam, and he is using the Progressives, and the Socialists, and the Communists to accomplish his goal for Allah. When the truth comes out, it will be too late for Christian conservatives to stop him.
It is imperative that every conservative vote for a conservative this November mid-term election. If you don't vote for a conservative with good Christian values and principles, then you are part of the problem, and you will surely reap what you sow.
God Help Us, without God, we haven't a chance of saving our Republic!!!

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