Tuesday, July 27, 2010


"Here's lookin at you kid!!!" What say we take another vacation on the taxpayer's dime? Better yet, let's take separate vacations. That way we can spend more money, and really slap these stupid taxpayers in the face. How 'bout you book 30 rooms at the most expensive hotel in Spain, Lovey? Baby, you take Sasha, and the dog, maybe we can get away with flying the dog in his own jet again, I think the people just love when we do things like that. I'll keep Malia with me, and then I'll dump her off at a summer camp, that way we will give these "saps" uh, I mean taxpayers the impression that we are feeling the financial pinch too."
I just know the Obama's are going to find a way to blame their extravagant vacations on George Bush, or the Republicans. I don't know how, but I'm sure they will find a way. Is this a fairy tale, did someone sprinkle fairy dust in everyone's eyes in 2008, or what? Story has it that Barack Obama will be the first ever president to leave office as a billionaire. How can he not be? The man is literally living off of taxpayer dough. Let me just run a couple of statistics by you. The hotel in Spain where Michelle felt it necessary to book 30 rooms, is a 5 Star Hotel, the rooms range anywhere from $336.00-$2,859.00 per night, so let's see, even if Michelle decided to rough it, the minimum bill to the U.S. taxpayer will be $40,320.00 big ones, for 30 rooms, for 4 days, not including tips, cost of travel, security, and various other expenses. Oh, and what about that "carbon footprint"? I'm sure the taxpayers can come up with a few million dollars so Barack can purchase some carbon credits from Al "the love puppy" Gore. Rest easy though, the room rates include a breakfast buffet. Who said Obama isn't watching out for waste and fraud of the tax coffers. Just to make sure we aren't being taken for a ride, each room comes equipped with feather beds, and Frette linen bedding (whatever that is). Each room will have fully stocked refreshment cabinets and sitting areas with cable TV. Each room also has a large Tavertine bathroom with a bath and separate rain shower, as well as a separate WC, (I believe that's a waste closet) with a bidet (pron: bi'day). So, I probably shouldn't complain too much, with all these amenities included, the rooms would truly be a steal at twice the price. (No pun intended.) Thank the Lord we have a First Family that is frugal minded when it comes to the country's money. I mean, c'mon, doesn't this entire thing read like a bad script from Robin Leach's "Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous???" And the world scoffed at Imelda Marcos when they found out she had some 2,000 pairs of shoes. The Obama's are making the Marcos' look like paupers. The Obama family is in the process of redefining the terminology "Living Large". Setting new standards for corruption and fraud, even for elitist circles. These Obama's have no shame!!! We've all heard the stories about people winning the lottery, and a couple of years later they are broke, because they squandered their millions. Well, folks, the Obama's aren't going to be broke even though they seem to be in a spending frenzy. The difference is, they aren't spending their money, they are spending your money. The end result, need I say it? Okay, you'll be broke, and Barack the Muslim Dictator and his family will still be living large, and happily ever after!!! Not the End...
I spent all of yesterday, and most of this morning looking for a subject to write about, one that would be on the lighter side, something that was, well, borderline humorous. I came up with this story, but the more I wrote, the more I realized just how pathetically serious the subject was. We have a president who is at the very least a closet Muslim sympathizer. A president who is hell-bent on destroying this country financially, morally, and culturally. A president who possesses the arrogance of Satan himself, who thumbs his nose at God, and the people. A president without honor, without a modicum of decency, and not even an amount of integrity equal to an old rusty fold up lawn chair. A president that authored a book titled "The Audacity Of Hope". Well, here is a man with the audacity to portray himself as a Christian to Christians, as a Muslim to Muslims, and as an atheist to atheists. I'm afraid our president is nothing but a mere thug, who lies at the drop of a hat. He is the thief that is taking America's freedom and liberty. But take heart, because he's doing it for you. Just ask him!!!

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