Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Judge grants injunction against Ariz. immigration law | National | - Houston Chronicle

Once again, the Federal Court System, in the interest of Social Justice, and Political Correctness for all, spits in the face of the American people. Today, U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton, a Bill Clinton appointee (go figure), took the teeth out of SB1070 Arizona's Illegal Immigration Bill. Judge Bolton, basically said; the Bill would cause racial profiling. I sincerely hope that Judge Bolton's home becomes inundated with thankful illegals. There is no doubt she will welcome them with open arms, perhaps maybe a little gala fiesta in her backyard. With luck, the Illegals will like her home so much, that they will decide to stay, permanently!!! It couldn't happen to a nicer Obama schlep!!!

This judicial ruling is just more proof that the Social Justice/Socialistic Progressives have infiltrated deep into the American framework. I'm afraid, at least for the time being, we are stuck with the Obama, Saul Alinsky, way of doing things. It won't last as long you think though, Obama has other plans in mind for this country. He, as I said before is systematically destroying this nation on all fronts. Don't be surprised if within a couple of years, Sharia Law isn't introduced as the answer to all these legal problems.
It is a sad, sad day, when the president of the United States takes the side of a corrupt country like Mexico, and sues one of his own sovereign states. My heart goes out to the people of Arizona, and especially to their courageous governor, Jan Brewer. The turncoat action that Barack Obama has taken, comes as no surprise. What better way to drive the wedge between the people than to pit them against one another in a fixed courtroom battle? There is no doubt in my mind that Judge Susan Bolton was under pressure from the DOJ, to find in favor of the United States Government. It's like "vote for Obama, the job you save, may be your own."
Where does Barack Hussein Obama get off using the term United States vs the State of Arizona. This lawsuit isn't the United States against Arizona, it's simply Barack Obama against Arizona. The majority of Americans are 100% behind Jan Brewer, SB1070, and the citizens of Arizona. Any and all legal fees need to come from Barry's own wallet, not the American taxpayer's funds. We American citizens, or at least this one, are no more standing on Obama's side in this fiasco, than we were when he apologised to the Muslim World for America's terrible foreign policies. Obama does not speak for me, not in Saudi Arabia, not in Germany, not in France, and definitely not in Arizona.
To take a thought from Chief Joseph, and use a little poetic licence: "From where the sun stands now Barack Obama, I will oppose you and your Socialist/Muslim Progressives till I draw my final breathe."
I have spoken!!!

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