Thursday, July 29, 2010


Looks like the race is on!!! Obama in the lead, Dodd a close second, and Frank in the backstretch. (No pun intended). Our government has it all my friends, a president who is Muslim, and wants to destroy America, Chris Dodd, Mister give me a great deal Countrywide, and last, but not least, the infamous, the detestable, Barney Frank. If you add Hilary Clinton into the mix, the group name changes from the "Triple Threat", to the "New Fearsome Foursome". May I add, "be afraid, be very afraid!!!"

Yes, the world is certainly seeing this country in a different light, isn't it? A president who apologises to the world for our help in World Wars I and II. A president who proclaims to be Christian, but gets all tingly when he hears the Muslim call to prayer, and can recite the Qu'ran like an Imam. Barney Frank, who was arrested, and of course vindicated for running a homosexual brothel in his home from 1985-1987. The guy's name is Stephen Gobie, and he was convicted of engaging in child pornography, and on probation for drug possession. That didn't deter old Barney from hiring Mr. Gobie as his personal aide, and lover, but Barney also saw to it that 33 parking tickets were waved. Barney Frank insisted that bank and mortgage companies loan money to unqualified borrowers, and then lambasted the lenders for causing the mortgage crisis meltdown. Then there's Chris Dodd, the only thing he did wrong (besides being a criminal dufus), was to make sure that Countrywide mortgage gave him a really sweet deal on his mortgage. Needless to say both of these crooks deny and wrong doing, and better yet, were vindicated of all charges. That's why Obama the "the Don" of this Washington, D.C. crime family hired Frank and Dodd to draft a financial reform bill. I mean, who better, right? It's like getting advice on securing your home from a former 2nd story man, and never suspecting that he will leave one open spot where he intends to steal you blind, at a later date of course.
Well, that pretty much takes care of the Lies, the sex, the scandal and the money, so let's move then, shall we? Let's move to the year 2012. My, my, my, there are so many things scheduled to happen in and around 2012. Number one, the big implementation of the entire Obama Care program. Number two, the end of New York City, at least according to Al "I bilked ya'all" Gore. Didn't big Al predict that the Big Apple would be swallowed up by the rising sea levels, caused by global warming? Of course we all know by now that the only thing warming Al Gore is his penchant for masseuses and scampering around hotel rooms gorging himself on fine chocolate. Okay what else happens in 2012, didn't the Incan calendar point to the end of time occurring in 2012? Actually if that happens, the rest of what I have to say will certainly be rendered irrelevant, sort of like congress. Here's a new 2012 revelation that I was just made aware of. In 2009, Hilary Clinton signed a disarmament treaty with the United Nations to regulate the $55 billion dollar small arms trade in conventional weapons. Yes my friends, I said conventional weapons. For those who are unaware of the terminology that means your guns. Although nothing has been set in stone yet, there will be a final agreement coming from the UN in, yep, you guessed it, 2012. It's true, don't believe me, look it up: then click on, or search small arms, disarmament in the UN search box. It's all there. Yes, my friends 2012 is shaping up to be another year that will live in infamy. The presidential election of 2012. Just for general principles, allow me to go out on a limb on this one. "If conservatives do not take the majority in the House, and Senate in this upcoming mid-term election November 2010, in my opinion, several things will take place. Number one, will be the devaluing of the dollar, it will more than likely be replaced by a "World Reserve Currency". Number two, Amnesty for all illegal aliens regardless of what country they're from will come to fruition. Number three, Obama will declare the complete collapse of America's financial system, and that will be his perfect storm, his perfect crisis, if you will, and that will allow him to declare a national emergency and he will be the new dictator of America, if not the One World Order. That of course will end any chance of booting Obama out of office, as there will be no free election in 2012." After 2012 settles down, I believe Obama will admit that he is Muslim, and then will announce to the One World Order that Sharia Law will now be the law of the land. These things may not take place in that exact order, but make no mistake, they will take place.
Here is a final notable item I found in the news this morning. After all the concern for the illegals in Arizona being asked for proof of citizenship. The expensive lawsuits that are ensuing even as we speak. The president's concern for civil rights, and his objection to potential racial profiling, and his obvious disregard for the will of the people, this is what is happening. Headline: Feds to enforce fingerprint/ID registration database brokers! That's right, because the Federal Government (Barney Frank and Chris Dodd) blame the mortgage brokers for the housing and mortgage loan crisis, the bankers are going to be databased. Where is the ACLU on this one? How come no one in authority sees the irony here? It's profiling to ask suspected illegals for citizenship documentation, but it's okay to fingerprint/ID mortgage bankers, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttt!!!
This my friends is what happens when the "Moral Majority" turns a blind eye to injustice for 30 some odd years. When Christians stop paying attention to what their children are being taught in schools. And when the only contagious mental illness, "Liberalism" is set loose among the population. This is what happens when good men and women vote from their pocket books, and not the Good Book. A return to GOD is required before this nation can be saved from Satan's work.

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