Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Who is the mastermind of Obama's agenda? George Soros, Cass Sunstein, maybe Valerie Jarret, or Andy Stern. I'm not sure the honor belongs to any of those people, or to any of Obama's White House Staff. In my opinion, it is Barack Obama's intention for all of us to look behind him to find the source of his direction. I have heard many Obama critics asking the question, "who's on the other end of his Blackberry conversations?" I contend it's nobody we know, at least not in the traditional sense. References have been made to Cloward and Piven being the dictator's of Obama's rationale, as he uses the hand book of Socialism that they wrote. He has even incorporated Saul Alinsky in his efforts to bring America around to his way of thinking. Is that really it? Is that all there is to Obama's motives? Is it Obama's intention to make America a Communist/Socialist Nation? From all the visible evidence, it appears to be exactly what he is doing. Once again, I'm not so sure. You see, I used the terminology "visible evidence". As always, this writer encourages his readers to look through the smoke, and behind the mirrors. Many times since Obama came on the scene, we've all been misdirected, and led to look in the obvious places, but Obama is very, very good at misdirecting. So good in fact, that if we don't take a moment to stand back from the picture, we won't see all that is painted in it. Barack Obama is an artist, and we are the viewing patrons at his showing. There are clues to this artist's meaning, we just have to find them among the myriad of colors, and distorted forms. We must understand that what Obama puts out there for us to see, is exactly what he wants us to see, and nothing more. In the background of the big picture are the diabolical, devious, and intentional vague answers to the meaning of the entire painting.
Yes, I believe there is someone, or something on the other end of Obama's Blackberry. I also believe that Barack Hussein Obama knows how to use people, and ideologies, and organizations to serve his ultimate purpose. I also believe that just as he misdirects the American people, he also misdirects many of those who are closest to him. I also contend that Obama is able to demand obedience from his people, out of fear, not respect. I think that using the theory that someone else above Obama's head is calling the shots, is only half correct. I think that by assuming that Barack Obama is being somehow puppeted, is a mistake in judgement. I think that Obama is getting another pass by those who hold fast to the theory, that Obama is in fact the puppet. I, after much deliberation, am more inclined to think that Barack Obama is the puppeteer, and not the puppet. He is the painter of the big painting, not the apprentice. I believe that it is Obama's intention to misdirect us into thinking that these economic, and nation destroying ideas are coming from some mysterious overlord in Obama's life, and again that is half right.
Here I go, out on the limb. My contention is that Barack Obama, is one and only builder of this agenda, and I further believe that Muhammad is the designer, the architect, if you will. I believe that Obama's loyalties lie solely with his god Allah. I believe that Obama is smart enough to use people like Soros, Jarret, Stern, Sunstein, and Jones, and organizations like SEIU, and ACORN, and the ACLU, and LaRaza, to facilitate the Muslim agenda in America. I believe that Barack Obama is intent on establishing Sharia Law in America, and he will start with Sharia finance reforms, which he will somehow sneak into Wall Street, and the banking industry. He can accomplish this because, thanks to SEIU, and Goldman Sachs, and AIG, Obama controls the banking, and mortgage industries already.
America, we are being primed for Islamic Law, like a dry pump in the desert. The economy is poor, and being intentionally being made poorer. Regardless of what Obama would have you believe, there aren't going to be millions of green jobs, and this economy will not improve, as long as it is government controlled. Obama, when the time is right will introduce another system, that will carry with it the promise of prosperity, and that will be the Sharia system of finance. America is the pump, and our eventual thirst for economic recovery will be the primer. Sharia will be poured down the throats of the thirsty populace.
Understand, Islam is like a cancer, the more America accepts it, the more it will grow, the more it grows, the more it infects and destroys. Soon, it will be Islam making the laws in America. Be aware of what is taking place around you, in your communities, and neighborhoods. Most of all, it is imperative that you vote for conservative, and vetted candidates that have good Christian values. This coming November is America's last chance. If conservatives do not take a majority in the House and Senate, this free nation will be in serious peril.

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