Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yes America, Sharia Law is coming our way. Our President, and our Defense Secretary keep turning the other way, and endorsing Islam as if it's the religion sent from God Almighty to save America. Under pressure from CAIR, a known ally of the terrorist group Hamas, the Pentagon rescinded the invitation to Franklin Graham to speak at the National Prayer Breakfast. Why do you think the Pentagon bowed to pressure from CAIR? Because, the President, and the so-called commanding generals are afraid of Muslim reprisals. In the mindset of the Pentagon, it's much easier, and way less risky to step on Christians. They know that Christian's won't be looking for Pentagon families to blow up, or behead. Islam, the wonderful religion of peace as Barack Obama puts it, has our mighty military puddling their britches. Have we become a nation weakling pukes that tremble at thought of offending Islam? I am afraid we have. Take a good long look at that poor Muslim woman pictured above, is that the kind of law you want for your daughters? Well, Ive got news for you, if you are Christian, Jew, Atheist, Agnostic, White, Black, Red, Brown, Straight, or Gay, you are looking at the not too distant future. Of course, if you're gay, Islam will just have you publicly hanged. That poor woman is being stoned, and more than likely for something as minor like speaking to a man in public, that wasn't her husband, or she may have been a victim of rape. You see, under Sharia Law, the rape victim is the guilty party, and must be punished for her sin of being raped. Archaic, barbaric you say, well, yes it is, but it is reality under Sharia Law, yes and I mean today in this day and age. Ladies, beware, this is coming to a neighborhood near you. Believe me, if you turn and look the other way as Islam infiltrates America, and as more and more Muslim's gain political office, and they are! This type of Sharia will come sooner than you think.
Christians of all denominations must come together, put aside doctrinal differences, and stand united against this evil religion called Islam. It is imperative that Christians and Jews, understand that Islam will not tolerate you. Islam will not co-exist in the same nation with you, they can not be friends with you. Muslim's are trapped in a barbaric religion, with barbaric rules. In the eyes of a good Qu'ran believing Muslim, you are an infidel (non-believer), and you must either bow to Allah, or you must be eliminated from the face of the earth. So-called moderate Muslims, are not coming to America to escape Islamic Law, they are coming to America to establish Islam as the only religion. Make no mistake about it, Muslim's will take over, and establish Sharia as the law of the land. Christian's need to tell your friends and families, that we can ill afford to turn a blind eye to Islam. If you have friends that are atheist, they also need to know what Islam expects of them, when Islam rules, there will be no atheists in America, at least no live ones. If these liberals think that we are having a problem with the separation of church and state now, with Christians wanting to pray to Jesus in schools, you ain't seen nothing yet. When Islam is in control, you will pray to Allah, everywhere, or you will die, is that blunt enough? I can't emphasize enough, Islam is religion, and government, and law in a Muslim nation. Muslim's are reproducing at a rate of 8-1 too Christians in America. We can not stop them from reproducing, that isn't the way of Jesus. We must however, stop the establishment of Islamic religion and rule in this country, at all costs. The statistics are out there, read the headlines, google "Gert Wilders", get informed about the results of tolerance of Islam in other countries, you will be shocked, I assure you. This November Election, we MUST elect conservative Christians to office, we MUST. It is absolutely necessary to stop our "Muslim In Chief" from succeeding with his Islamic/Socialist agenda.

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