Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Once again I ask; "Good morning America, how are you? Don't you know me, I'm your native son?" It looks to me like America is on the same track as that Santa Fe train is!!! Obama has this country heading full speed ahead to a disaster of Biblical proportions. I think the answer to that question, is NO, America, or at least the American government doesn't recognise it's native son. The state of Arizona, at the pleading of their native sons, and daughters has taken steps to protect them, and the federal government (Obama), condemns the action, calling it misguided. There is nothing misguided about the Arizona Illegal Immigration Bill. In actuality, it's been a long time coming, and it is due! It has been obvious that our Federal Government, under the past several administrations have made only very feeble attempts to curb the influx of illegals coming across our southern border. When the border state's law enforcement organizations try to enforce the law, they are branded as racists. This country has turned upside down, what's wrong is now right, what's up is down, and what used to be good, is bad. Our federal government appears to have no problem with sacrificing the rights of it's legal citizens, in favor of the non-existent rights of illegal alien infiltrators. For example, there are an estimated 460,000 illegal Mexican nationals residing in the state of Arizona at this time. We all know the drain on the entitlement coffers that has to be for the state. Where does it say in the constitution that Arizonians are responsible for the health, and welfare of non-citizen criminals? It doesn't say that, and that goes for every other state in this country. We are not, and shouldn't be responsible to support criminal activity. I know, I know, for some reason or another, liberals are saying that these immigrants aren't criminals, they are hard working poor, uneducated that just want to provide for their families. The problem is, they aren't providing for their families, American citizens are!!! Let's get one thing straight, YES illegal aliens from any country who cross our border without the proper permission are in fact CRIMINALS. This country, as well as every other country on the this planet, has immigration laws in place, and on the books. Enforcing Immigration laws, is not a racist act, it is an act of a nation that respects it's citizens, above all else. A nation without strong borders, is NOT a nation at all.
America is on a one way track toward one way tolerance, and that will lead to the cultural suicide of this country. People that come to this country must want to be Americans, not just to suck off the system. For example, Mexico's immigration law states that to immigrate to Mexico, you must be self-sufficient. It also states, that you aren't eligible for state aid or entitlements, as if they had any in the first place. The Mexican illegals are not to blame for this problem. The people to blame are much higher up the political food chain. These illegals are fleeing Mexico's corrupt government to come to America, where they are finding another corrupt government, perhaps even worse than in Mexico.
The bottom line is this: To stop the influx of illegals, you must cut off the hand that is feeding them. An all out attack on businesses that hire illegals needs to begin, and begin now. Mandatory sentences for hiring illegals needs to be strictly enforced. I suggest; forfeiture of business, minimum of ten years in prison, no parole. This sentence must be placed on the highest ranking authority of the company. I'm not talking foremen, or site bosses, I'm talking CEOs! All illegals must be deported immediately, including their families, yes even the ones born here, if your parents are illegal, then the children are illegal also, and God forbid we wouldn't want to separate children from their parents. The drug problem, there wouldn't be a drug problem if there were no demand for drugs. Cleaning up the drug problem, begins at home!!! I am suspicious of border state politicians and their attitudes regarding the total omission of drug crackdowns. You can't tell me that law enforcement in Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and California have no idea where these drugs are going... I also find it difficult to believe that law enforcement and local politicians have no idea who is the man in charge here in the United States. Where is Elliot Ness when we need him now?
I for one, am proud of stand that the Governor of Arizona has taken, and I have sent her an email stating that fact. My only advice to her now is, "get on the horn with your state police chief, and all other law enforcement chiefs in Arizona, and declare war on the drug kings, order raids, close them down, shoot them if you have too, but shut them down!!!" If you think your law enforcement is outmanned, and outgunned now, give it a couple years, and you'll have to knock them out with smart bombs in your own back yard.

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