Monday, April 19, 2010

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Here's a headline from FOXNews, just this morning: "Antiwesternism Dissent In Afghanistan". Well here's one from me: "Anti-middle-eastern Dissent In America." How about that?
You know, I sometimes get really frustrated with this country's politically correct way of handling cold blooded, murdering terrorists, and the war in Afghanistan. I watched bits and pieces of Geraldo Rivera's documentary on the opium poppy fields in Afghanistan, and how our military feels bad about allowing these crops to be cultivated, and harvested, while they stand idly by. Because they know that soon that opium will reach the shores of America, and perhaps kill thousands of people. So, let's see, the Afghan's are getting filthy rich by growing and selling opium, America is going broke trying to save the Afghans from themselves, and we're losing good men to allow it all to happen. Is everything upside down here, or is it just me?
Here is my solution in a nutshell. As a Bible believing Christian, I know that the war in the middle east, and any form of peace agreement are both exercises in futility. There will be no peace in the Middle East, until Jesus' return. Yes, Israel will be attacked, but Islam will lose the war against God's chosen people, it is so prophesied in the Bible. So, let's just cut to the chase, shall we. Number one, send Obama and his family to the Middle East, and leave them there, as there is no doubt that Obama would much prefer Sharia Law, and the Holy Qu'ran to our own constitution. Then, should his daughter get pregnant out of wedlock, she won't just be punished by having an unwanted child, she'll just be stoned, or perhaps beheaded. Barack can even join in the fun, sort of an honor thing, you know. That's Sharia, "do you like it now"? Number two, pull all of our troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait, and wherever else they are in that backward God forsaken part of the world. Number three, on the way out, light up every poppy field and farm in the entire middle east, napalm, would be a good tool for this. Burn-em to the ground, then spray the entire farming region with a defoliant, so that nothing will ever grow there again. I'd say forget the defoliant idea, if the Afghan's were growing food, but they aren't, so we'll just sell them more food. Perhaps we'll charge what ever the going rate is for a barrel of crude oil, and call it even for a bushel of grain. I know, I know there isn't much oil in Afghanistan, but I'm sure their friends the Iranians and Iraqi's will supplement them. After all, they are all Muslims, and Islam is a religion of peace, right. Then there should be absolutely no human rights concerns. Leave these backward, archaic, barbaric people to themselves and maybe, just maybe they will peacefully Islamify each other into extinction. One more thing, we need to round up every single Muslim in this country, and send them back from whence they came. We don't want their Sharia Law, we don't want their Qu'ran, we don't care about their Hadith. If that's they way they want to live, then they should be grateful for all the one way rides to Saudi, or anywhere in the Middle East. Bon Voyage, courtesy of the good old USA.
Do I sound radical? I hope so!!! It's about time these United States stand up to the world, wave our flag, and tell them that we love and understand God, Freedom, and Liberty. We still welcome those who sincerely desire to share in these American values afforded by our constitution. Everyone else, need NOT apply. Come here, learn English, abide by our laws, and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness can be yours.

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