Saturday, April 17, 2010

Miami-Dade Transit bows to Sharia, pulls religious liberty bus ads as "offensive to Islam" - Jihad Watch

If there was ever any doubt that Muslims in America are extended preferential treatment, perhaps you should click on the above link. When Muslim's are insulted, the government backs down, never mind the first amendment. Freedom of speech, is no longer a right in this country. Unless of course you are of the Islamic Faith, or you are a Socialist, left wing, radical, Progressive. If it is your intention to speak of God, or normal one man/one woman marriage, or the Constitution, or against the present administration, or against Islam, you will be censured, there is no doubt.
If you doubt that Islam, and Sharia Law aren't coming to your town, you had better think again. If you think that your local elected representatives, i.e. Mayor, Governor, State Senators, State House of Representatives, Judges, and or private business owners will take a stand against Islam, you are sadly mistaken. People FEAR Muslims!!! Time and time again, if it offends Muslims, or Islam, you can't say it, you can't print it, you can't draw it, or photograph it. Where will it end? It's not going to end. Not until Christian's and our churches form a united front against Islam, and it's encroachment into our civilized society. Islam is recruiting Blacks, and Hispanics in our prisons, all with the knowledge, and encouragement of our prison officials. What do you think these highly educated and civilized individuals will be doing when they get paroled? You don't want to know!!!
We need to encourage our church leaders to assemble, and take a stand against this enemy from within. Our President, the Head of Homeland Security look at TEA Partiers as the enemies of the state, at the same time they ignore the multitude of Muslim terrorist training camps in the U.S.. Why is it, the rights of Muslims are so protected, but the rights of Americans are trampled upon, by our own law enforcement agencies? I'll tell you why; Because Christian's won't start blowing up innocent people with suicide bombers, if they're stepped on, that's why. Unfortunately, Muslim's will, and indiscriminately I might add. Time to wake up your Clergy, they have the ability to reach thousands of people with the truth about Islam.
God Help Us.

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