Thursday, April 22, 2010 - Hawaii Lawmakers Poised to Shun Obama Birth Certificate Requests

Barack Obama's national origin is in question, it has been since the campaign days. I often wonder, what if in fact Obama is not an American citizen. I have read the book "The Faith of Barack Obama" written by Stephen Mansfield, I highly recommend it to everyone.

Here are a few facts that are in the for front:

Barack Obama promised transparency in his administration, so far everything he's done has been behind closed doors.

Barack Obama, promised to end the war in the Iraq, well, he hasn't done that either, in actuality, he just moved troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, and escalated the war there. I do not say I am against this move, but I do say, "it's just another promise not kept".

The point is this, Barack Obama's entire life, from childhood to Presidency is under a very thick cloud of smoke, and behind the mirrors of deceit, and dishonesty. Obama leaves a the liar's trail wherever he goes, and the lies permeate everything he does.

When I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1967, I was required by law to produce a valid United States Birth Certificate, I was enlisting too, well, go to Vietnam and get shot at. I wasn't going to be placed in charge of the entire United States Marine Corps. I am pretty sure however, that the Commandant of the Marine Corps also provided proof of birth. The controversy of Obama's birthplace, will not go away until it is proven that this president is in fact an American citizen, and meets the qualifications to serve in that office, according to the rules set forth in the Constitution of the United States. So, I ask. Why doesn't he (Barack Hussein Obama) release his birth certificate from the state of Hawaii? I also ask why is the Hawaiian legislature trying to pass an unlawful bill to keep Barack Obama's birth records secret? Are they hiding something? Is there something to hide? If not, then why the effort to hide? If I were running for president, and I was asked for to provide a legal birth certificate, I could, and I would. So, the question remains, can Obama produce proof of his United States citizenship, or not? The more Obama tries to hide documents, the more suspicious this all becomes, and the more the birther's accusations become credible.

My opinion, Barack Hussein Obama is "Muslim in Chief". His loyalty to Islam becomes more and more apparent every time he opens his mouth. Where he was born is a technical way of getting him out of office. If he in fact is not a citizen as he claims, then he should be impeached, post haste. I have a bigger problem with the President of the United States, and it's not so much where he's from, but what he feels, and where his loyalties lie. He has made it perfectly clear to me that he is liar. He is at the very least a proponent of Islam. The only promise this man will keep to the American people, is that he will fundamentally transform America. He will keep that promise, you can be assured of that. It is that last promise that We The People must stop him from keeping. There is no doubt in my mind, that when the Health Care Bill passed, Barack Hussein Obama whispered to himself Allahu Akbar.

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