Monday, April 12, 2010


Now that Democrat House members are dropping like flies, let's be aware that there are in fact many Republicans in the House that are in essence "borderline conservatives". It appears that at least seventeen Dems have decided not to run for re-election this November, it's because they know that they have sold out the American people. Consequently, they know they can not win, so why waste their money. Keep in mind, that an ex congressman, or ex Senator, is not without influence in there respective states, and districts. "We The People" need to be cognizant of this fact. If your candidate, either Republican or Democrat has had close political relationships with either the resigned representative, or the ousted one, be very wary of their positions and platforms. Many candidates running this November, may not be all that willing to throw away a close political relationship, or affiliation away, at least not for very long. Remember, once elected, we're stuck with these people for at least two years. Be vigilant, and vet these candidates one at a time, on their merits, not solely on their party affiliation. A candidate running on the Republican ticket does not make them conservative, they've already proven that. John McCain, and Lindsey Graham for example, are progressives, they are pro- amnesty, and bail-out supporters, there are many like them out there, and they will say anything to secure your vote.

This November Election is going to be the most crucial election of this century. "We The People" can not settle for the lesser of two evils, no, not this time. Because, there is no such thing as the lesser of two evils, we must vote for a man or woman who best represents our good Christian morals, has integrity, and stands for those same principles our founding fathers fought and died for. The founders of this great nation gave us our "Republic", if we can keep it. I say, yes we can, and we will, if we all vote on the same principles, and we all vet the candidates, thoroughly, and demand their allegiance to the people and our Constitution.

This November, may very well be our last chance to save our Republic. We will need to achieve an overwhelming majority in the House, and Senate, if possible. We can not allow this president to continue to sidestep law, usurp the constitution, and ignore the will of the people, with just the stroke of his pen. This November, "We The People" have to get this right, the first time, as there may not be a next time. As we are vetting this November's candidates, remember, that "arrogance", is NOT a good quality in a representative.

Keep a few of these guidelines in mind:

1. If your candidate expresses that the Constitution is a stumbling block, don't vote for him/her.

2. If your candidate does not believe that America is a Christian Nation, don't elect him/her.

3. Check his or her past voting records, if they are incumbents, if they have voted your rights away, by voting against the constitution, vote them OUT.

4. If your candidate expresses he, or she knows what is good for you, better make sure you find out what premise that attitude is based on.

5. If your candidate even mentions the word "change", don't stop firing questions at them, till you're satisfied as to what kind of change they are referring too.

6. If your candidate has already served more than three terms, for the sake of us all, find a new candidate to vote for. Preferably one who is in favor of term limits.

"We The People", do not need professional politicians, we need servants of the people, period."

One final request. If your candidate stands on "political correctness", do not, under any circumstances vote him or her into office. Political correctness, is the reason we can no longer use words and phrases such as: Boy, Black Market, Gay apparel, Christmas, Good Friday, you get my meaning, I'm sure!

" Tolerance is the final virtue of a dying society" Aristotle.

We must tolerate things that are good, not things that are detrimental to society. Here's a thought; lets tolerate Christ, and God, and the Ten Commandments. Novel idea? I think so too.
If Obama has his way, there may not be a free Presidential Election in 2012, so let's get this mid-term November election right. "So Help Us God" Amen

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