Friday, February 12, 2010


Sometime between the years 384BC and 322BC, Aristotle wrote the title to this Post. Aristotle, was a student of Plato, who was a student of Socrates. These men contemplated ideas and thoughts long before their time. Aristotle was a teacher to Alexander the Great. When one reads the works of these three ancient philosophers, one begins to realize that they were divinely inspired. There are so many works and people whose thoughts were most certainly divinely inspired, that you can not name them all. Just a few, would be the authors of the Holy Bible, and the men who drafted and finalized our own Declaration of Independence, and then the Constitution of the United States of America. Our Constitution was written by the founding fathers of this great nation, to protect the people from oppressive and tyrannical governance. The administration we have now, as with many other administrations past, have been chipping away at that original document, until it is no longer recognizable. "We The People", are equally to blame for the impending demise of this country as the politicians are. "We The People", have been standing idly by while Washington, D.C. has eroded the very words of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We have in fact allowed ourselves so many entitlements, that now we can't afford to pay for them. We have been tolerating representatives that lie, cheat, and steal from us. We have stood by tolerating the removal of our Creator from most aspects of this, our modern "progressive" society. Now finally, the American people are standing up, and saying "enough is enough!!!" I say "enough is too much!!!" We, as a people, as a society, no longer have the time for tolerance, nor can we afford to be apathetic. This is it, my fellow citizens, the end of the line is very near. "THE PRICE OF APATHY TOWARDS PUBLIC AFFAIRS, IS TO BE RULED BY EVIL MEN" We as patriots, as taxpayers have reached a point where we either demand good, and honest behavior from our elected representatives, or we must vote them out, and not vote any more of them in!!! We must demand the highest integrity from our leaders. The days of voting for the lesser of two evils, are past. We can't afford that luxury anymore. Our elected leaders, from President on down to the Mayors, and Councilmen of the smallest of town, must be held accountable to the people. It is time to put political correctness aside, and call a spade a spade. If there is something that needs to be called to the attention of the people, it must be done immediately, not put on a shelf for later, those shelves are already full. It's time "We The People" stand up for our God, our principles, and do what is morally right. Political correctness is wrong in every form, it infringes on our rights to free speech. Jacques Barzum once wrote: " Political Correctness does not legislate tolerance, it only organizes hatred."

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