Thursday, February 11, 2010


There is no doubt that the so-called Muslim Religion aka. Islam, is in the Trojan Horse, and it is being dragged through the gates of our Great Nation by Progressive/Liberal Politically Correct left wing pacifists, even as we speak. I don't know if these people are blinded, or are taken up into their own ideology that all peoples and religions are equal and harmless. I have a very difficult time understanding the tolerance mode they are in, and expect us as American Christians to endorse. Here is a quote from Yunis al-Astal, a leading Muslim Cleric and Hamas member of the Palestinian Parliament, declared on Al-Aqsa TV. " The capital of the Catholics, or the Crusader capital (Rome), will soon be conquered by Islam. Rome will become an advance post for the Islamic conquests, which will spread through Europe in it's entirety, and then will turn to the Americas." Is this that peaceful and glorious religion that Barack Obama continues to exhort? It doesn't sound very peaceful to me.

There was an article written about "Hate Crimes against Muslims" in the United Kingdom. What a pathetic and mis-leading term they are using. I do not see these actions by the English so much as Hate Crimes, but more likely self defense against an enemy of the people of the U.K. The leaders in London, have been forcing the British to tolerate, and bear with the Muslims as they assimilate them into British Society. I think the English people are experiencing an awakening, they are fighting back against the Nation of Islam. Islam has infiltrated England at the invitation of the British Parliament. Perhaps, the Parliament should have attained the permission of the people prior to inviting Islam to take over their country. This awakening in the U.K., needs to be taken as a serious warning to the United States. Islam is infiltrating this country as well, make no mistake about it. At the invitation of leaders like our president, with his apology speeches to all of Islam. Obama has opened the gates, and our citizens are being forced to drag the Trojan Horse in amongst us. Our security, and our safety is being seriously jeopardised by the Political Correctness our government insists we accept and endorse.

Islam, is not peaceful, it does not want to assimilate into our culture, the U.K. is a perfect example, I urge you all to read up on the effects that Islam is having in England, and the rest of Europe for that matter. We need to put up our guard as never before. Look around, read the news. We have a President that claims to be Christian, but calls the book of Islam the Holy Qu'ran, he never refers to the Bible as the Holy Bible. Our president and his administration extends protections of our Constitution to combat criminals and terrorists, by giving them the same rights as American Citizens. Then, on the other hand, the president shreds the Constitution, by sidestepping the will of the American people, at every turn. The enemy is among us. If it doesn't make sense to you, it's because you are not intent on destroying America. Barack Obama is!!! He doesn't like Capitalism, he doesn't like Christians. He and his Progressives are fundamentally changing the United States, as promised. Islam sees this happening, and they are on the move in America. We can not allow them the same foot hold as they have in England or Europe. I do not advocate violence, except in self defense, but sometimes the only good defense is a strong offense. American citizens need to prepare for battle, right here on our soil. Your local elections are right now the best way. Ask those running for office if they are pro Islam infiltration. Check them out. We must elect officials that meet Christian and Constitutional criteria, anti-abortion, anti-big government, anti-special rights for illegal aliens, and I can not stress this enough, they must be anti-Islam. REMEMBER, Islam declared war on us, not the other way around!!! Also, remember that Islam is not just a religion, it is a culture. Islam is intent on world domination. It must be stopped before it is too late, and your children are bowing to Allah. Don't think it can happen here? Better think again.

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