Monday, February 8, 2010

Mary, Mary, Mary!!!

I just listened to Mary Landrieu's pathetic explanation as to why she accepted the White House bribe for her vote on, well, everything she'll be voting on forever, now. She had a letter blown up, to show the signatures of all the people she feels should share the blame for the bribe acceptance. I guess I understand, there are always more people involved, and if she feels she shouldn't shoulder 100% of the responsibility, then, sure, why not divulge the rest of the names involved. In my opinion, that's the first glimmer of transparency I've seen so far from anyone in this administration and it's Senate, or House.

Bottom line, her little explanation pretty much turned into an admission of guilt. The bribe was offered, and she accepted. Whether she accepted on behalf of her constituents, or to save her own job, is completely irrelevant. She accepted a bribe for her vote, period. Proving that she wasn't the only one to blame for her decision will not get her a reprieve from the voters, either democrat or republican, or independent. A bribe is a bribe, it stinks no matter who is responsible for offering, and or accepting. The American people are waking up, they want to see honesty, and integrity revived in Washington, D.C.. Accepting bribes and payoffs in exchange for votes does NOT show that we are any closer to achieving the honesty goal. It appears that our legislator's in D.C. just can not, and or will not tell the truth. They need to be ousted. Our only, perhaps our last chance at attaining a modicum of integrity will be this November, and, that may be too late.
So whether you call it the Louisiana Purchase, the Corn Husker Kick Back, or just plain graft and bribery, it's not acceptable, it's not right, and those who offer the bribes, from Obama on down to those who accept the bribes, need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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