Sunday, January 17, 2010


"We are only five days away from fundamentally changing the United States of America" (Barack Obama, 5 days prior to his election).

Doesn't that statement frighten you just a little bit? Truthfully, when I heard it, it scared me to death. Fundamentally change America, what did Obama mean by that? Was anyone really listening to the words? To fundamentally change something, you must initially tear down and then restructure from new basics. The principles upon which something was formed must be eliminated. To fundamentally change America, means to take the long standing Constitution and the Bill of Rights and rewrite them, for another purpose, or dispose of them altogether. The purpose for the Constitution and Bill of Rights was to limit government intervention into private lives and businesses, to limit the power of federal government over that of the individual states. Certain "inalienable rights", in this context, inalienable means the rights can not be separated from the people to which our Creator endowed them. In order to fundamentally change this country, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights must be shredded. It is happening, right here, right now. The freedoms and liberties guaranteed under the Constitution are being usurped, by leaps and bounds by the far left Progressives.

Has anyone noticed the blatant lack of honesty and integrity in Washington, D.C.? The open corruption is unprecedented, at least in this country it is. If I didn't see it happening, I'd never have believed it. Open bribery, back room deals, class warfare, virtual stealing of taxes, and that's just what we're seeing on the surface. I'm not sure I'd like to know what's going on in the White House without our knowledge. For a president who ran on a platform of open door transparency, there are sure a lot of deals being made in closed door sessions. The lies coming from the Obama White house are nothing less than abhorrent. If there isn't a conspiracy taking place here, then I will be extremely surprised. None of what is going on, is an accident, or the result of an inept president. The changes happening are the result of a contrived, diabolical scheme, of this there is no doubt. Control and redistribution of wealth are the goal of our our present administration.

Never in the history of this nation have the American people been inundated with so much strife and confusion directly caused by the utter indiscretion and impudence of their leaders. "We The People" are being manipulated, and misinformed like never before. The American people are being subjected to enemies from every direction. We are dealing with Radical Islamic forces outside this country, and within our borders, a direct result of the open borders policies of this, and previous administrations. The security of our country is apparently not the prime objective of our recent past, or this present administration. It appears that the most dangerous enemy of the people, is the federal government itself. We are in the midst of a war in this country, whether we care to admit it or deny it. Our enemy is not a nation across the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean, we are under attack from within. Make no mistake, our president is in the final stages of forming his "Shadow Government". He has appointed as many as forty Czars, all of whom are endowed with powers of taxation, enactment of laws, and the power to enforce those laws without the approval of congress. They answer only to Obama, no one else, this point can not be stressed enough. Since his election, Obama has given his Czars authority over private business like banking, mortgage, auto manufacturing, and now he is pushing for a complete government takeover of this nation's health care. He has control over the press, and TV media, except for FOXNews Channel, and at times I wonder how much infiltration is going on there. The only truth in broadcasting is in talk radio, and Obama is trying to shut down all conservative talk radio. Just recently, the president has given INTERPOL unrestricted access to our country. They will be accountable to no one for their actions. Yes my friends, if they wish to exercise a search and seizure of your home, they have the authority from the president of the United States to do so. Our state and local police are ultimately under INTERPOL's authority. I mentioned once before in a previous BLOG, that I wondered how this administration is going to accomplish the disarming of the American people? Bringing a police force from outside this country, that's how he plans to do it. INTERPOL has no loyalty to the American people. This point also can not be stressed hard enough. My fellow patriots we are at war, believe it or deny it, but remember you have been alerted. It is imperative that you keep your eyes wide open, and watch our government's every move.

"Never let a good crisis go to waste." Remember that line, it is being used by Obama and his inner circle of Progressives. While the United States, and the World are focused on the devastating aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, you can bet Obama and his Czars will be using this crisis as a smoke screen, one way or the other. Keep your ears to the ground, and your eyes on the horizon, you can be sure that Obama will not allow this crisis to go to waste.
God Help Us, pray for the conversion of Islam.

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