Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CELEBRATION TIME, UH HUH!!! NOT SO FAST!!! Obama doesn't know he isn't God!

Although Senator elect Brown's victory in what is known as the bluest state in the country is nothing less than stupendous, let's not count our chickens to quickly. There are still way too many foxes in the Washington, D.C. hen house. The message this special election definitely sends to the Dem's, is that they will now have to watch their p's and q's. The question is, do they really? The winning of one battle, does not win the war! Of course this Massachusetts victory could be one of the decisive battles indicating an outcome in our favor.

It is imperative to keep in mind, that this administration has paid absolutely no attention to the will of the people so far. Many of the Progressives in the House and Senate, are still more than willing to fall on the sword for their agenda, and for Obama. Counting out the Progressive movement at this point and time, would be a very serious mistake. Remember, they have been planning this takeover of America for over a hundred years. In my opinion, this take over plan began about the same time as the Revolutionary War. The Progressives haven't put this much time, effort, and money into their agenda, to give up now. As I write this post, you can bet your boots, that subversive plans are being made in the back rooms of the White House, and the halls of Congress. Redistribution of wealth, and control of the populace are much to important to their agenda, and they will not surrender without a fight, mark my words.

My sincere congratulations to the new Senator from Massachusetts!!! Along with that, some sincere advice to him and his family. The Progressives will not take this defeat lightly. They are a diabolical lot, they will probe you for weaknesses in your battle lines. They will try in every way possible to destroy you and your family sir. You must at all times watch your back, keep your ear to the ground, and your eyes on the horizon. Senator Brown, you need to understand that you have enemies all around you. Surround yourself and your family with people you trust implicitly. The Obama administration will have you in their proverbial cross hairs. They will make your family a target also. Get in touch with Sarah Palin, she knows how they work. Her advice to you will be very beneficial.

We will pray for Senator Brown, we will pray that his stance on abortion takes a few steps to the right. God Help Us, and pray for the conversion of Islam.

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