Saturday, January 30, 2010


Saturday morning, January 30, 2010. The morning after the big snow. While out testing the roads this AM, I was forced to tune my radio to station 1510AM. Now, normally I can't stand listening to any AM station because of the static. It's the same static that I heard on my car radio, growing up in the sixties. AM wasn't a pleasure to listen to then, and it hasn't improved much since my teenage years. However, on Saturday mornings I do listen to the Steve Gill show. He has always been entertaining, informative, and usually spot on. This morning I heard him once again lambasting Glenn Beck over what Glenn said on his TV program about the new Senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown. I, like every one else I know agree that Glenn Becks statements regarding Scott Brown were way out of line. I also feel that Glenn Beck owes Mr. Brown and his lovely family an apology, and he should do it on air, live, for all the audience to see and hear. My problem however, is with Steve Gill. I believe I heard him ranting about this Glenn Beck/Scott Brown thing last week. If this morning's program is a recording, then I'm sorry. The point is, that Glenn Beck, is one of us. Without Glenn Beck, and his boldness, the Obama Administration would not have been exposed for what it is. Glenn Beck, has been correct and right on with all his statements regarding Van Jones, and all the other socialists, communists, and progressives in the Obama White house. Without Glenn Beck, there would not have been any Tea Parties, no expose's on the truth about the Democrats and the infiltration of the progressives into both parties. I do not like to judge one mans opinions, but I believe that it is Steve Gill who is now getting out of hand, and not Glenn Beck. In Glenn's defense, he was making the point that the last time America was totally enamoured and awestruck by a politician, that man was elected President of the United States, and are we sorry for that now!!! I saw a ad on a TV news show asking " Can Scott Brown beat Barack Obama". Let's face it, just as Barack Obama never accomplished anything before becoming President, Scott Brown hasn't accomplished anything either. In my opinion, Scott Brown did not win the Senate because of his miraculous campaign, or because of his list of references, he won because of Barack Obama and his policies. Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts, came to fruition because "We the People" are angry and didn't want another Democrat in that Senatorial Seat for the next 40 some odd years again.
So Steve Gill, if you are for some reason jealous over Glenn Becks success, please don't be, you are a veteran, and you have no reason for envy. Please move on, because constant harping on one of our own makes you sound like a democrat harpy, or worse yet a progressive.

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