Monday, January 25, 2010


"In Allah We Trust" How does that sound? Far fetched? Not so much!!!
I just finished reading the findings from the investigation by the Pentagon regarding the Fort Hood Massacre. It is 86 pages long. Here is what I found: The words Islam, Jihad and Muslim were not mentioned, not once! Just who was the person(s) conducting this Pentagon Investigation, anyway? The word "terrorist" was only mentioned 12 times, and 4 of those times just in a credits category. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the Fort Hood Massacre a terrorist attack? Was it not carried out by a Muslim Extremist terrorist with jihad on his mind? Did he, or did he not cry out Allahu Akbar just prior to gunning down a multitude of unarmed innocent military personnel, in cold blood. I may not be a scholar, but in my mind, that sounds like the jihad war cry. Political correctness has gone completely amok, if even our Pentagon is frightened to offend the enemy. I am embarrassed for our military leaders in the Pentagon for this report, that has no teeth. When our military generals are puddling their britches at the thought of offending the enemy, our nation is in some serious dire straights.
You see the photoshopped picture at the top of this Blog Post? Well, take a good look the obverse side of this ten spot. Are you seeing "In God We Trust", or are you seeing "Allahu Akbar"? Well if you are seeing the latter, then let it burn into your memory banks. As of right now, it is fake, sort of like Islam. Soon, however if Muslims get their way, this could be reality.
Let me just mention a few places where Muslim's in America are being treated special, and given religious preference over other religions. Kansas City International Airport: Constructed four foot-washing benches to accommodate a growing number of Muslim drivers who requested the facilities to prepare for daily PRAYER, isn't that preferential? University of Michigan-Dearborn: $25,000.00 to construct two foot-washing stations. I wonder who's money they're using for that? The Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, AZ. just added additional airport user fees to pay for, get this: Two faucets located two feet above the ground to help Muslim taxi drivers meet their religious needs. When was last time an airport, or university, or any public facility used taxpayer money to install kneelers for Catholic employees, or Holy Water fountains, so the Catholics could make the sign of the cross when passing by? This is just an example, Catholics don't ask for these things, but Muslim's insist on these perks, and out of fear, the local governments and establishments give in to Muslim demand. Political correctness is at best, a pathetic surrender to the enemy. "We the People" just stand by and say nothing. I guess the fear of jihad, and Muslim reprisal takes precedence over our own constitution. If Protestants requested time off work in the middle of the day to pray to God, if Catholics asked time off to kneel and pray in the middle of a work day, if Jew's asked off to pray during the day at work, all would be denied. Yet my friends, I've worked at International Airports where Muslim workers are in fact given preferential treatment, and are allowed to roll out the prayer rugs, in the middle of a work day, and pray to their Allah. I'm not saying there is a double standard here... Actually, I am saying there is a double standard here!!! It needs to be stopped!!!
The leaders of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) have said they will " use our Constitution against us to instill Sharia law in America", we darn well better use our Constitution first, to stop them, or we will lose our Constitution.
POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is doing nothing but rolling out the RED CARPET for Sharia Law in this country. Enough is enough, our religious, and secular leaders need to start educating the people about Islam, their goals, and Sharia Law, or we, as Americans will be living under Sharia, in our lifetime.
God Help This Country, Pray for the conversion of Islam to Christianity.

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