Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where Have I Been???

One thing I've discovered, if I don't post a blog for more than one day, there's way too much news happening, and I don't know if I can catch up.

"We The People" are being inundated again, from every angle, most of it comes directly from the White House. While we've all be watching the ongoing relief efforts in Haiti, the ridiculous arrest of a group of Baptist missionaries, for human trafficking in Haiti, the State of the Union, and Obama's dress down of the US Supreme Court in front of the entire world. Too, too much, was happening during these distractions. Did you know that Obama has been at it again, he signed another executive order. This time EO # 13528 on January 11, 2010, establishes a Council of Governors. Supposedly to strengthen the partnership between the Federal and State governments, to protect our Nation and it's people and property. However, in essence this E.O. will give the Federal government (Obama) more control over the state's National Guard. One thing we've all learned from history, is to be wary of any partnerships between state and federal governments. The more the Federal (Obama) controls, the less the governor's control. It should be noted that this new E.O. 13528, completely contradicts and disregards the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits the Federal Government's use of National Guard and regular Military from being used a police force. If you remember Obama's last E.O. #12425 from December 17, 2009, it gives immunity to INTERPOL agents operating within the United States, the two E.O.'s make the inroad for Interpol to be a conscripted police and law enforcing agency, accountable only to our president. There are some very strange and diabolical decisions being implemented behind our backs. Obama, knows exactly what he is doing, he isn't making any errors in judgement, he isn't being naive. These things that he and his Czars are doing, are well planned, and well timed to coincide with "crisis distractions", i.e. Haiti. Need I say more?

Another short note, during Obama's State of the Union speech, two things really stood out to me, scary things. One the dress down of the Supreme Court, Obama didn't make a mistake when he accused the Justices of something they didn't really do. Obama was merely making a statement with dual meanings. The first meaning: I know you are the Supreme Court, but I am OBAMA, and I do not need you. He was telling the Supreme Court that they are irrelevant, and in his administration they have no power. Meaning number two: You have rescinded a law that I do not agree with on, you, as Justices know that I don't agree, you did it anyway, and for your actions, I will humiliate you and your decision for the whole world to see. The other thing that needs to be noted, Obama addressed his Republican friends, and his Progressive friends, there was no mention of his Democrat friends. Obama has no friends among "true" Democrats. You see, it is the "true" Democrats in the Senate and the House that are bucking Obama Care, Cap and Trade, Climate Change, and numerous other failures of the Obama White House. I guess the Progressives haven't infiltrated enough, if they had, Obama Care, Cap and Trade, and Climate Change bills would already been passed, and signed into law. The Republicans have had NO power to stop any of these things from happening, yet, Obama is failing miserably at everything.

Thank God there is a God, and He, in His infinite wisdom, interceded and got Scott Brown elected too a virtually impossible seat in the Senate. Let's give credit where credit is due. Thank you Lord for all these blessings.

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